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My fiance and i went to sears in New Jersey to buy a mattress for our apartment in Greenville South Carolina on July 6 because they were having a great sale. We found the perfect mattress and the sale made it a such great deal, so we thought...

We told them we were moving to South Carolina an would like the mattress delivered there and they said no problem

and told us to pick a delivery date. We chose saturday the 16 of July and had to pay a 10 dollar weekend delivery fee. Seeing we would be in Greenville on the 15th we figured roughing it for a night in sleeping bags wouldn't be too bad. The night before the scheduled delivery sears confirms delivery for the 16 between 12 and 2.

We went to sleep thinking "awesome" everything is going to go smoothly. The day of the delivery we get a call at 8 am telling us the delivery was cancelled.... Ok no big deal just one more day on the floor... They called on saturday night and confirmed delivery for Sunday with another 2 hr window... Sunday morning came and again at 8 am sears called to cancel delivery...

My fiance calls sears to see what's going on and they said that they don't have it in the warehouse but they had from the 6th of July to get it in the warehouse... Seeing that I'm getting more aggravated as the days pass by I go into sears to talk with customer service that afternoon....

I was I formed that they couldn't do anything for me since I ordered the mattress in new jersey so their solution was for me to cancel the order and put it in the system fresh. They informed me that since I work they won't be able to deliver until Saturday because they don't deliver after 5.

I asked them and I quote "can I be guaranteed delivery of the mattress for Saturday then?" and the sales associate looks on the computer and he tells me that the shipment of the mattress will definitely be in on Saturday the 23 and that delivery will not be an issue. So we go through the hassle of canceling the order and reordering the mattress in Greenville and go home to rough it for a week on sleeping bags. Friday the 22 rolls by and sears calls to confirm the delivery for Saturday the 23. Happy that I'll finally be able to sleep on a real bed I go to sleep only to be woken up Saturday morning by sears telling me that the delivery was cancelled and that delivery will be pushed back to the 30th of July and that they can't guarantee delivery on the 30th. WHY even set up delivery then or even let me purchase a bed you can't deliver!!! Why didn't they offer to give me a replacement mattress that they have in stock... So many things they could have done but didn't!!! Sear customer service and delivery is terrible!! And thanks to sears I have to sleep on the floor because cancelling the order takes 7 to 10 days so I can't buy a mattress because I DONT have the money!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $885.

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Well Sears is awesome... Not...

Got a phone call today july 30 that the mattress delivery has been cancelled and pushed back to august 6. So a month after purchasing the mattress i still have to sleep on the floor... AWESOME... I called customer service and told them how PISSED i am and how i have been waiting what will now be 3 weeks for a mattress delivery and the lady just said really its been that long?

WHAT!!And still they didn't think to offer a discount, a replacement for a better mattress or anything instead the guy asked me would you like to cancel the order? :(

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