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We brought a washer offline asked us to call a confirm delivery they set up appointment for 515PM to 715PM. I work nights ok, great time.

we called comfirmed they called the next day (day of delivery) to comfirmed. had to leave for about 30 mins around 330PM, returned around 400PM waited to 630PM to delivery, checked phone messages, yes they called, comfirmed that no one was a left. Called customer service (SEARS) the rudest person and supervisor I have ever dealt with. They basically said to bad delivery is rescheduled for the next day, my fault.

Would not give local delivery phone number, my husband called store got local number, pick-up washer, and was informed that customer service is even rude to them (delivery contractors.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Delivery Service.

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All I can say is that it must be nice to have this job where you can totally suck and still get paid for it. If something like late deliveries or inaccurate phone times were a reoccuring thing in any other business, I am pretty sure that person would be immediately fired.

. .or maybe they were and went to work for Sears.


I filed a complaint with the BBB yesterday for the damage they caused to my home. That was a Friday...low & behold I get a call today( ON A SATURDAY no less) From *Jack* the insurance adjuster.

And HE claimed he has a signed copy of the paper work from the day the Excel delivery guy came to my house for the work done.. funny cause after he refused to take the wrapping off the refrigerator I told him i would call his manager so he could talk to him about it ( it was previously discussed.. he wasn't to leave until the refrigerator was fully unpacked & the ice maker was functional.) Well.. he didn't want to talk to anyone about unpacking the frig..

or completing the job.. when I turned to get the phone he RAN OUT the door... he left without getting a signature..

now it seems he's forged my husbands on the document. Last I knew that was criminal conduct so I'm going to see what exactly I can do about that one


We purchased a refrigerator from Sears March2,2012.. My husband rented a uhaul to go pick it up at the warehouse instead of waiting the extra week it would have taken to get the refrigerator delivered ..

it cost the same amount of money but we thought it would save us time. He drove out to the seacoast .. got home that's when I noticed after it was unwrapped they had given us the wrong unit ( a lesser model) After complaining to management (from the sears store)and arguing with the warehouse manager they finally agreed to have the next unit delivered. That arrived some weeks later..

it was the wrong unit again.. and the delivery guy got irate because WE were taking up his time while trying to figure out if it was truly the wrong one again. He became SO belligerent and threatening that we had to tell him to leave the property or we would call the police. That's when he got in his truck ( at 7 in the morning on a Saturday) and started honking his horn loudly and acting like a tough guy ( he told us he did not work for Sears & could care less if we complained because he didn't answer to them..

he worked for Exel) That was only ONE of many failed attempts of this company Exel to deliver a suitable unit to our home.. this went on for 6 WHOLE months.. with the unit either being the wrong one or having damage on it. Now mind you ..

I REALLY should have told them forget it after the first 2 or 3 attempts .. instead I kept being assured that things would be taken care of.. a new guy would come in the picture and say he would make certain ( blah blah blah .. lies lies) And this went on for several MORE deliveries.

I HAD done business with Sears exclusively for 21 years up till this point Then on Aug 10,2012 Sears Delivery damaged my home by flooding it They broke the water line & attached it improperly August 10 2012 (problem date) March 2,2012 ( purchase date) After numerous attempts to have this refrigerator delivered on August 10, 2012 the sears delivery team showed up an hour and a half early. I told the driver that they were early and it would be a few minutes before we had the contents of the other refrigerator unloaded he got very sarcastic and said"what do you want us to do come back at one?". I said that wouldn't be necessary. They unloaded the replacement and unhooked the water from the other unit and made the exchange.

He asked me to turn the water back on. I went to the basement to do this and by the time I came back upstairs he was pushing the refrigerator back into place. He then started to argue with us about removing the rest of the packaging material. When we went to get the phone to call the people who had said they would be doing this he walked out the door told his helper "we're out of here" jumped in his truck and left without us even having signed for the unit.

We left shortly after to run some errands and returned four or five hours later and found a puddle of water on the kitchen floor. I then went to the basement and found that the water was leaking down through the sub floor saturating the insulation and dripping onto our chest freezer and basement floor. I shut off the water to the refrigerator and went upstairs and slid the unit away from the wall and found that the copper tubing had been crimped and a small crack had formed because of this. Upon further investigation I also discovered that in his haste to stay ahead of schedule he had not properly seated the compression fitting while making that connection and that had leaked as well.

We have attempted on numerous occasions to try and resolve this with Sears through their agencies and channels and they done nothing but avoid us.

I went to Best buy to get my refrigerator. They delivered it yesterday.. the men that came are Best Buy delivery men. They were professional & polite.

They stayed as long as it took to get the job done correctly and ASKED if we were satisfied . CUSTOMER SERVICE is not dead..

it's at Best Buy.. and that's who has my business from now on


So last week I go to the local store and buy a refrigerator, washer, and drier. It's scheduled to be delivered today on 8/7. I get a call confirming a time window of 0800-1000 on 8/7. I actually spoke to a human and confirmed it as well.

This morning comes around, I go into work early and then rush home to be there by 0800. After three hours (one hour overdue), I call Sears and am told that they had some problem with the first delivery and that I'm the next on the list.

Another hour passes. I call back again, and they tell me they'll have the delivery company call me. They never do. Finally at 1300 I call and they say that they'll call me 30 minutes ahead of delivery.

Time passes. At 1530 I call again, and am again told that I'm listed as first on the list. They try to contact the delivery company and can't. They want to know if I can reschedule it for Saturday 8/11. Uh, no.

This is the last thing I buy from Sears.


Tony deleted his rant about how much he hates sears customers but luckily I saved it to my documents before he did this ( I like Tony THAT MUCH)

Here it is :

graduated the aggie in 09 i work for a delivery company for sears called exel i deliver large appliances all day from 6 till when ever we finish the money is good sears sucks i dont work for them so i can say that. the customers suck worse...DO NOT BUY *** THAT DOSENT FIT IN YOU *** HOUSE. measure everthing b4 you have something delivered theres nothing worse than delivering a 240lbs front loader washer up 2 flights of stairs only to bring it back down again. also never argue with a delivery man atleast not me i wont think twice to take your *** back and make you wait till it can be rescheduled i dont put up with bull ***. buuuuuut anyways yea lifes good jobs suck but hey $120 a day is worth it i think.I'm also the bassist in a band called the exits check out out on Facebook

o Lives in Hampton, New Hampshire

o Male

Favorite Quotes

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16 hours ago near Newark, NJ via mobile

Driving home to NH someone text me

Driving & texting?? He talks about speeding on there too.. REAL professional guy they have here


I have called sears home delivery about 15 times in the past 2 days. I have been outright lied to and hung up on a regular basis. I have asked to speak with a supervisor on the first day after I had been disconnected, explained that I could not get someone to come back the same day to install the washer/dryer because the sales rep had not sold me all parts needed for installation. I had the parts within 30 minutes, but was told the delivery men were out of area when I called and finally got thru to someone an hour and 15 minutes after my initial call. I was hung up on the first time after being on hold for about 40 minutes. When I called bak I was assured I would get a phone call from the delivery guys because they should be able to come back today, if not I would be able to have someone come back the next day for installation.

After 4.5 hrs, I finally called back, and while waiting to hear what was going on, I was disconnected. I went to the store, where I was told nothing could be done until Monday. I called the home delivery company to complain about their terrible customer service and was told there were no managers available. And someone would call me back. Sunday came, and I got a phone call confirming my Monday appointment whic I cancelled due to the delivery time. I ended up calling back 6 times to speak with a manager because they kept hanging up on me.

When I did speak with a manager, she told me she was the person I spoke with last night who told me that there were no managers available and would have someone call back. I asked her why she did not ID herself as a manager and her explanation was she was not the manager on duty. When I asked her why she is taking the call now, her answer was that she is the manager on duty today. When I asked why I never received a phone call she said she never guaranteed when I would get a call back. I told her she knew of my desire to speak with a manager and should call back when she knew I was waiting for a call.

There was a lot more, but she actually suggested that I could find someone else to be at my home to have the installers come in besides myself, my boyfriend or parents. I told her we all have jobs and I'm 9 months pregnant and we cannot afford to *** any more time than what we have for the baby. She told me I would have to wait until I was available then. I told her if I had received adequate customer service I wouldn't be in this predicament and was offered no help or empathy whatsoever.


We purchased a refrigerator from sears.Their delivery people installed the water line incorrectly(they admit fault )It flooded our home 6000.00 damage as 2 estimates.The delivery companies insurance says they will only pay 1500.00


The delivery team SUCKS!!!!!!! I was told by Kenmore (washer/dryer) to call and get my delivery time frame.

I called a tad bit early so they said that i would be getting an automated call between 6pm and 9pm with the information which i NEVER got therefore i had to call back and get my time window. I got it...perfect time (3-5) I would only need to leave work some minutes earlier and still have time to run errands. Well its 8pm now and i have yet to receive my washer and dryer! Ive called 3 times and every time they tell me that i am last on the list and they are just now at the 10th delivery spot!

They give me and even later time every time i call. I have been sitting at home for 5 hours waiting!

If i had any other way to get my items i would have met the delivery team at whatever place they were and picked up my items myself! I havent received not one call with an update or any reason why i am stil waiting


Sears Delivery drivers are actully contracters and do not even work for sears

lol thay could care less what you have to say


look we are contractor but we care you sorry costumers more than what you can we are lake dogs or you all


Sears delivery obviously practices some new math that I am not familiar with. Bought stackable washer and dryer, each one is 28" wide.

According to the two *** who delver for the Salina, KS store, 28" does not fit in a 36" space!

They left the washer and dryer in the middle of the room and left. If it wasn't for incompetent workers Sears would have no work staff at all!


:( Sears always messes up. They really do suck and their rude!!! They always drop their calls!


Sears sucks!!!!


Get a load of this.

Had a washer to be delivered between 12:30-2:30. Delivery guy calls at 11:00 and says they'll be there in 15 minutes. Naturally, I wasn't home yet, so called back and was directed to the call center in India.

A major cluster of bad English and communication followed. Luckily, the actual delivery guy called and said he could be there at 1:00. Great! No problem.

Well, not really. For 7 days now, I've been receiving automated calls from Sears Delivery asking me to reschedule my delivery (it's been here for a week...). Three times (THREE!) I've called to complain about these calls. They often come in at 6:30 a.m. even on weekends. I've been assured 3 times that the problem is fixed, only to have 3-4 calls come in the next day.

Idiots. No wonder Sears is going under.


I sure wish I would have read the complaints on line regarding Sears delivery service, prior to purchasing a refrigerator, yesterday at the Gilbert Az. Outlet Store.

I was guaranteed by the associate, Candice that I could get delivery on Friday after 4 pm (I purchased this Wednesday evening) that I would be called and they would work with me. Like many people, I work everyday. To my surprise, I received an automated call that advised my delivery time would be Friday between 830 am & 1030 am, asked then, "would that time work for me", I answered 'no' and the system promptly hung up on me. I called the 800 # I was given on the sales receipt and I spoke with Chad, he advised he could not change this time, but because I made this purchase at an outlet, he would call them to make arrangements and call me back, after waiting an hour & a half, I called the store and spoke with a supervisor Larry, he flatly refused, said he could not tell the delivery service what time to deliver to me (by the way, he said Chad had not called) After a very lengthy conversation and advising him that I could not believe that he was willing to lose a this sale of $1016.00 over this.

He finally said he would call the manager Sheree to see if she could do something, after and hour or so he called back said he had left her 2 messages and had not gotten a call back, yet. I agreed to have her call me in the morning at work. By this time, I am furious!!! Decided to call Chad and find out why he had not called me back, of course, I should have known that this is a call center and would never get him on the phone.

Spoke with Nikki, could hardly understand her, after reading the complaints I realized why, this center is in India! She was very nice and apologized for the problem (I'm sure they all have to say that) but of course, she was unable to change the delivery time. I asked for her supervisor, it took me at least 15 minutes insisting and being placed on hold twice and being told a supervisor was not available, to finally get a supervisor/Chelly on the line. Again, I spoke with her for another 15 minutes or so, she could not change this, either.

My God, why would Sears have such incompetent employees and allow this kind of service! I advised her I would not be home at this 2 hour window and all she would say was they would attempt deliver at that time. I asked her why she did not understand that one would be there! This is so ridiculous!

I have spent 3 hours on this. She finally said she would cancel the delivery (can you imagine that?) and have one of the drivers call me tomorrow to schedule a later appointment. Asked what 'later' meant? Said after 6pm.

Asked what assurance I had that would happen? I did not get a reply, just said a driver would call me.

I will be cancelling this order, if I do not get delivery on Friday. I guess Sears is not concerned losing this sale and that I will never buy from them again.


Sears home delivery in Texarkana, Texas SUCKS. The delivery was onot on day promised, the person, *** hole, that connected the dryer connected it wrong and burnt out one of my circuit breakers, left and then the fun started, their deliver service still owes me parts for the dryer and aw *** they SUCK, no wonder they are K mart now. SEARS SUCKS.






We recently purchased a dryer, however, it never was delivered because of incompetent delivery methods. If you purchase something from the local store in Beaumont, Texas, it is delivered out of Houston, which is, I’m told ok, if you receive something out of the warehouse. But if you get a floor model, the delivery is as follows: Wait for a Sunday or Friday. Houston delivery comes to Beaumont picks up floor model, brings it back to Houston. Waits to the next Sunday or Friday, delivers back to Beaumont. That’s how it works, when it works.

When you have incompetent employees and an inefficient system, this is how it works. Purchase on Friday, 7-2-10. We can deliver on Saturday 7-3-10. Still in store, no it cannot be delivered because it is a floor model. They will pick up today and deliver on Sunday. No not Sunday (7-4-10), that a holiday, they will deliver on Tuesday. Got a call, they will deliver on Tuesday. Delivery time came and went. Call center said they never picked it up. They went to pick it up but it was not at the store. Called the store, over an hour before I got someone to pick up the phone, in automotive service, because nobody answers the phone in Beaumont, Texas but automotive service. By this time. I had steam pouring out my ears. Already upset, I apologize to the salesman before I start. Not because of the missed delivery but more because nobody answers the phone in Beaumont. Then my salesman said, after trying to understand what went on and that I need a dryer, if you want it today just come pick it up, if not it will be delivered on Friday. I asked for the manager, he again repeated, if you want it today pick it up. Now with enough steam to run a locomotive, I finally I said get the manager on the phone I will wait. Another 20 or so minutes passed before Mr. Williams got on the phone. I was just trying to understand why if the deliverers came to pick up my dryer on Friday, why was it not ready be picked up. Mr. Williams assured me that the delivery truck never arrived on Friday, or Sunday, but would be picked up Tuesday and deliver it by Friday. He apologized for all the trouble we were having, but also, agreed with me, that the way sears makes in store merchandise delivery is not efficient. Thursday evening my husband called the service center, they said we would get a call from 6-9pm to set up delivery. Friday morning I called the service center and they referred me to the store because there was a problem there. “BIG NEWS, THERE IS A PROBLEM”. I waited until 10am to reach someone in the automotive service to track down Mr. Williams in appliances, because again nobody answers the phone in Beaumont Texas but automotive service.. Mr. Williams, was unaware of the problem because he put the dryer on the truck himself, and assumed it was scheduled, or delivered already Friday, 7-9-10. He said he would see what was the problem this time. He called the service center and they also, referred him to the store because there is a problem with the store. He related to me that he told the service center, “He was the store”. Apparently, the delivers lost the dryer once it was removed from the truck in Houston. He did have someone in Houston put their hands on the dryer and related back to me that he could have it delivered by Sunday. This was very upsetting. We had purchased a week ago, and again was being put off another two days. From a national company, with next day delivery another two days is unacceptable. After an hour of debating weather or not to wait again with 6 or 8 loads of laundry piling up. My husband decided we would go another way. He called Mr. Williams, at the Beaumont store, and cancelled to dryer. We then at 11:30am, Friday 7-9-10, went to Lowes, in Beaumont. By the time we got home at 1:25pm, Lowes, had already called with a delivery time of 10am to 1pm, Saturday 7-10-10. On Saturday 7-10-10, the driver calls at 9:45am. He was on his way to my house. The Lowes delivery man was out of my house by 10:20am and we were drying towels. By Sunday afternoon, I have dried 8 or 9 loads of clothes that accumulated over the week of waiting on Sears to deliver anything.. I wonder if the decision to remove all inventory and local delivery from your stores was a good idea. I can tell you just from a logical view, the waste in gas, time, and manpower, along with the loss of business, doesn’t help your bottom line. The only thing now is, the wait for the credit on my account. I’m counting, it has been 2 business days.


LaDona Cox

Former Customer


I just had a terrible customer service experience with Sears too! The reps were RUDE, ARROGANT and tried to blame ME because my oven delivery did not show up on the day of the scheduled installation.

Two times, on two days I called and was on hold for over 45 minutes each time and no one would help me. When I finally reached someone, THEY yelled at ME!

I will NOT be making any more purchses from a store that I once trusted. SEARS HAS THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE!


I'll second that. I said last time I wouldn't use them again.........but I have.

Now I remember that last time I said I would never use them again. I hope I don't forget for the next time.