New Castle, Colorado
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Went into the Sear's in Rifle,Co on 3-9-08 gathered up approx $60.00 in tools, took to the checkout and sat there for almost 15 minuets, no one even said sorry were busy,hello be with you in a moment or shortly...NOTHING! I finally walked out..this is not the 1st time I've had bad service at a Sears store but it will be my last,I will never set foot into another Sears store...

I hope they go under.There tools are junk compared to what they were 15-20 years ago,used to be it was what everybody could'nt give me 1/2 the *** they seel now,only reason I stopped by was they were on sale..some sell huh?!

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Westfield, Indiana, United States #14744

So, you said that the tools are now junk but yet you stopped by and purchased $60 worth of tools that were on sale?...Sounds like to me that you were perfectly happy with the tools when you went into the store but were to lazy to look for a associate or go to another check out lane...The previous comment was correct, Sears doesn't make the tools, they only sale them!

Rosmalen, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands #13174

FYI...there are other registers in the store. If they are busy in hardware, go to electronics or appliances or any other register in the store.

Farmington, New Mexico, United States #5284

Why do you need to be pampered about a wait in line? would an employee telling you there is a wait change anything?

You are the pride of America. As for the tools, Sears does not make them they only sell them.

Any tool worth buying has a manufacture warranty. Most tool product lines sold at Sears have a life time warranty.

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