I went to Sear's Optical to get a pair of eyeglasses and a pair of sunglasses on 6/13/10. As of 7/5/10, I still did not have my glasses.

The store manager and staff were very unprofessional and unknowledgeable. Sear's Optical had no idea when my glasses would be finished, and they are probably still waiting. It was the worst experience getting eyeglasses in my life. Long story short, I got a refund from Sear's Optical and went to Lenscrafters.

My glasses arrived in 5 days. Never ever use Sear's Optical because they are the worst.

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I agree! Sears Optical is the worst!

Never use them. Because they are independent they take breaks when they want and once I went there and there was a sign that said "be back at 11:30) not even lunch time! Why should a customer have to wait?

He came back with coffee and talking on the cell phone, finished his conversation before helping me. They make promises they can't keep, the frame stock is poor and they could not replace my frames!


Ya there owned by same company but they have regional managers but most of them are useless because most have no optical experience. The one I was told is in Rochester NY where they filled an expired prescription and they never said a word.


I have been very disappointed with Sears Optical and have switched to JC Penny. When you try to call Sears Optical your call gets transfered to a voice mail for employees calling in sick or late to work.

Sears employees are aware of this problem, but do nothing about it. Staff is less than professional


Sears Optical and Lenscrafters are owned by the same company, Luxottica.

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