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We called for warranty service for an elite refrigerator and were given an appointment 2 weeks later. Two days before the appointment we were rescheduled for another week later!

Who can wait three weeks for a refrigerator repair?? We contacted the complaint dept and were essentially told to beat it. This is a high end piece of equipment and we have had trouble from day one. The refrigerator is junk and the service is also.

We have owned may Sears appliances over the past 30 years but will never purchase anything from Sears ever again.

Anyone who purchases Sears products Beware! What they tell you in the store is not what happens when you have the product in your home.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

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On our third try today to get our treadmill fixed. This is the peak of incompetency.

We waited ALL day the last two times. Today we were scheduled 8-12. No calls no nothing as usual. I called in and they said they may be able to make it by 5:00PM.

We cant afford to take any more days off so I guess we will have to find a different solution. I STRONGLY recomend you pass on this non service they offer.

They cashed the check quickly but then dont show up. We are done with Sears and their affiliates, it has gone so far down hill it is not worth the agravation.


Dear Disappointed 2,

Allow me to first apologize for responding so late to your post here. I'm sorry to hear about your disappointing experience with Sears delivery. Please understand that automation is designed to make customer's experiences easier, not more difficult. Nevertheless, nothing replaces basic human compassion and understanding; I understand completely. I'm Scott with Sears Cares Escalations. If you still require any assistance with resolving this matter, please email my office at at your convenience. Be sure to please include your phone number and the screen name you used to post on this site (Disappointed 2).

Thank you,

Scott J.

Sears Cares


I was scheduled for a repair of my air conditioner between 1p and 5p on August 24th. I waited for the repairman and when he did not arrive by 4:45, I contacted sears.

The person I spoke to stated the truck broke down and they would be unable to come back to my home until September 11th. I was not notified that truck broke down until I had called them. I spoke with someone at the corporate office, who basically made excuses and I remained unable to make a closer appointment. I was already upset with sears as I had a problem with them previously I will describe below.

I only called sears to repair my air conditioner because it is a Kenmore.

Approx 1 month previously I had problems with my washing machine. I contacted a local appliance repairman who stated based on my description of problem it would cost more to repair than to buy a new one. I picked out a washing machine at sears and scheduled delivery.

The night before the delivery, my fiance' who has experience working on washing machines looked at it, and we thought problem was due to metal piece in motor. I contacted sears and left a message on touchtone that I did not need washer. Literally 15 minutes later my fiance found another problem and stated needed replaced. I called sears back and they stated they could not deliver because their computer system rescheduled the drivers route and it could be changed.

They could not reschedule delivery for two weeks. (Long time without a washing machine). I spoke with many people and was yelled at and hung up on. I cannot say how many people I spoke with that were rude to me.

Two people stated they would call me back and never did. I asked to speak with corporate and was transferred to Traverse City store. (Could not have been an accident as local is the opposite of Corporate).

In the end I bought a washer from best buy with easy delivery and I spoke with people instead of a machine. I will need to buy a lawn mower and probably an air conditioner this fall and will not buy from Sears again.

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