I bought all my new applainces from Sears during my home remodel, the glass on my stove broke; so I called the warranty center. 7 days for a tech to come out and evaluate (evaluate what its broke I can see that) another one to two weeks for parts to come in.

So I am supposed to go two to three weeks without a stove!!! What a joke. I called the corp. number and asked if they can pre-order the top to save time; "that is not our policy - you will have to wait for a tech to evaluate" this is *** and bull what is wrong with these people.

I want the head of Sears to go a week with a family and no stove see how he likes it!!!

Monetary Loss: $600.

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Penryn, England, United Kingdom #22030
i am going on my 5th week without a refrigerator. it took over a week to get it "evaluated", and since they do not keep the parts on the truck i had to wait 2 more weeks for the parts to be shipped to me.

then i had to wait over a week to get a serviceman back out. i was told first thing this morning that i was 2nd on the list ad would have service in the morning. by late afternoon i called back and was told that i was 7th on the list. i will never buy a sears product again.

i think we can assume that we will read about sears going out of business in the near future. they have no concept of consumer service. i feel like i live in a 3rd world company when i deal with them.

maybe i could bribe someone to get serice next time. :sigh
Saipan, Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands #20058

Well, yeah. They want to see why it broke before they're going to spend money on fixing it.

If you dropped a pan on it and broke it yourself, you'll get to pay for it.

If there was a defect that caused it to break, then they will pay for it. Until they know for sure, just use your microwave and shut the heck up.

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