Purchased Omni battery 3.5 years ago; it lasted 1.5 years. It was replaced (after being refused by one Sears shop as the Omni was no longer carried) by a Diehard "Platinum" at a different Sears auto shop. 1.5 years goes by and THIS one fails.

I am told at Sears that since I don't drive this car often and keep a battery minder on it (I drive it about once a week) I ruined the battery with the battery minder as this is the incorrect method to charge this type battery.

There is no mention of this anywhere including the warranty info that gives care and feeding info. It was then pointed out to me that although not mentioned, Sears sells the "proper" charger. Funny that the charging circuit in the car (1994 Toyota Supra) is fine for either lead acid or these "super" batteries.

I gave up and rather than drop another $100+ on another POS I took the cheapest battery out with me, a Diehard "Gold". I now see that this is yet ANOTHER POS that Sears sells. Doesn't matter, I'll never walk into a Sears store or auto shop again for the rest of my life.

No wonder Sears is living on borrowed time.

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