I went into the Sears Store in the Silver City Galleria in Taunton MA.There was a display at the end of the aisle with Guitar Hero 5.

The signs were posted that indicated the product was on sale for $49.99 until 12 Noon.

I took the item from the shelf and went to purchase it.It took the sales person 10 minutes to find the keys so he could remove the security tag. It took him a few minutes to find a register that he could use. When it scanned the item it came up at regular price 99.99. I asked why it did no come up at the sales price. He did no know and then walked with my wife and I to the display. The signs were removed and he made a comment to another sales person that he did no see the signs but that the customer says it was on sale. The other sales person responded that Guitar Hero 5 never goes on sale and never at that price. I walked out pissed. I did not appreciate them accusing me of lying. I took a picture of the display before and after with my camera phone.

I went home and called the Sear National Customer Service line. I spoke with Judy and she made up a *** excuse that did no make sense. She did not offer to honor the price and did nothing to help. Sears has gone down hill since KMART took over. They have become junky and crappy and overpriced like KMART. Walmart and Target have won my business. I will never buy another thing from Sears and am thinking of returning the Playstation 3 that I purchased there. Sears ***!

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