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Update by user Mar 11, 2017

Took a long time to resolve; along with letter to Sears CEO but they sent delivery truck to pick up dryer vent and credited my account.

Color me happy!

(Thank you, Sears!) However, I am SAD as I missed out on Presidents' Day appliance sales.

So SEARS you'll have to wait to see me hit the store during your Memorial Day Sales!! I'll be there.

Original review posted by user Feb 15, 2017

I am a very good Sears’s customer since 1977 as reflected on my SEARS Credit Card purchase record. In fact, I purchased roughly $10,000 in Sears’s appliances after Superstorm Sandy for my home (Refrigerator, Dishwasher, Stove, Washing Machine and a Dryer).

In November 2016, my offer to purchase a new home was accepted. After only two chances to see inside the property, I knew I would need to replace ALL the appliances, however, the seller would not guarantee the washer or dryer as “in working condition”. On November 24, 2016, I purchased a Sears Kenmore Washer and Dryer with Sears with 12 months financing option. The Sears sales clerk asked me if I needed any of the connector kits.

Not having possession yet of the new property where the appliances would be delivered to, the sales clerk advised me to buy them and later I could return them if not needed at time of delivery/install. However, I was also still waiting for a closing date at that time, so when the sales clerk asked me for a delivery date I was guided to put an estimated delivery date of January 11, 2017 and advised to call the Sears Delivery phone number to change it I needed an extended delivery date. It turns out my new home’s Closing Date was scheduled for January 11, 2017. Oddly the same date as my originally scheduled Sears Delivery date.

After I had a Plumber hooked-up and verify that the existing washer at the new property worked fine, I called the Sears Delivery phone number and obtained a new rescheduled delivery date of February 2, 2017. During this call, I also canceled the delivery of the Kenmore washer and accessory kit. Mind you, during all this time I was making prompt Sears credit card payments for “ALL” merchandise that I did not even have in my possession. On February 2, 2017, my new Sears Kenmore Dryer was delivery and installed.

I Love it! After installation of the dryer the delivery man handed me the metal dryer vent accessory and told me I DID NOT need it and that I should return it to Sears promptly. On February 13, 2017, I went back to Sears to return the accessory valued at $29.99 less the plug $24.99 that the Sears installer did use on my new dryer (Total billed kit price $54.98, not including sales tax). However, the sales clerk was unable to make the return.

I asked that a manager be called and the manager told me I could not return the unneeded dryer vent for refund because I waited over 30 days. Seriously? I only took possession (install/delivery) on February 2nd. That’s only 11 days!

(Return date Feb 13, 2017 – Delivery date Feb 2, 2017) I was told by the Sears Manager that they from count from the date of purchase. (Purchase date Nov. 24, 2016 – Return date Feb. 13, 2017) which is 81 days of which 70 days that I DID NOT even have possession of the dryer vent to return it.

This policy is wrong. You should know I was planning to purchase a new Refrigerator, new Dishwasher and new Stove with Microwave above it before the end of this month for my new home. I remain very disappointed in Sear’s appliance return policy.

This issue has infuriated me to tears, because it is illogically. If a customer does not get a refund for 11 days between the delivery/possession date then Sears you will lose me as a customer forever.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $33.

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