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I recently had a horrible experience with Sears. I purchased a service contract #198594780800018 for a dishwasher for $204.99 and was told at the time of purchase that "we will service your dish washer and make it as good as new and if we can't fix it we will replace it with a brand new one for no extra charge".

I purchased the contract and after the 1st repair the dishwasher did not drain properly and flooded the kitchen of my condo. Sears came out over the next month 3 more times and each time the dishwasher flooded the kitchen in my condo. I asked the service man if they could just "replace it" since was not fixed and he said "your washer works, OK?"

The condo building wrote me a letter and since there were damages they will not allow Sears in to repair anymore and said I have to buy a new one. I called Sears and asked to talk to a supervisor and told them that since they will not be allowed in the condo any more would they please:

1. Refund my money since the washer was never fixed.

2. Give me a new one as per agreement.

3. Put the purchase price toward a new one which I was willing to buy.

The supervisor told me in no uncertain terms that "I will get no refund or any other special treatment"

I asked to talk to that supervisor's supervisor and they told me that they are busy and will call me back.

They never called back.

Now I am out of the money for the contract and I must purchase a new machine with no discount. The old machine is garbage and must be thrown out.

Bill Prewitt: Another dissatisfied customer

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

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Our family had made many major Sears purchases over many years. More than three years ago we had a service problem with a Craftsman Lawn Tractor.

We were treated rudely and disrespectfully when attempting to get a resolution. Calls to the Sears Service Department,local store, managers, Customer Service, Corporate Customer Service and letters to Mr. Lempert did not resolve the issue. We have not made a Sears purchase in over 3 years and never intend to unless there is a major shift in how they handle customer service issues.

Sears does not care about the individual and they do not listen. This is the reason that they are in decline and will continue to decline until they decide to listen to the customer.

If not, I predict the demise of Sears. Look what happened to General Motors who treated their customers in a similar manner.


I would contact the local BBB or find a local consumer reporter and tell them your story.

You used to be able to get a refund on the service contract for at least a year.

I would also consider taking this to the corporate level.

And when you say drainage problem is the washer leaking itself or the water simply isn't making it to a drain? In other words what did they supposedly do to fix it? Is the original work under any kind of warranty ? -was the first or original repair a paid visit from Sears THEN you bought their service contract?. Sounds like Sears responsibility either way.


back in the 1970's sears overcharged millions of senior citizens, and others, for car repairs that werent done, or wernt needed and then not done, but charged them anyhow. as punishment sears had to pay everyone with proof they were a car-care customer 50 dollars, by a federal judge. since then i havent been in a sears, nor will i ever.


Sears has gone downhill & continues to... They have their employees post responses on complaint sites like these to humiliate the complaining consumer.

It is even worse when you complain in their stores to any management (they will publicly humiliate you), and their corporate complaint process is a complete waste of time. Spend your hard earned money anywhere else but Sears...