6 months after buying a LG dishwasher, it began having these problems: High pitched noises, grinding, and less than clean dishes.

After having technicians out 4 different times, I set up a 5th appointment. The technician couldn't make the window Sears had given me (8am to 5pm).

I called and asked for a new machine. My reason was that after 4 appointment, and now a 5th that they stood me up on, I didn't think it productive to simply have another appointment made.

They said I needed to set up another appointment, because there hadn't been 4 separate problems with the machine, so they couldn't send me a new one (even though the machine was under manufactures warranty). I explained that I had 4 different appointments. They explained that 2 of the appointments were for the same issue - replacing the motor.

The Sears agent on the phone said he would make an appointment on Saturday for me, so I wouldn't have to miss work. I told him I'd check with my wife and call back.

When I called back they said I couldn't make an appointment because the appoint I had scheduled that day (the one the technician couldn't make) wasn't closed yet. They suggested I call again tomorrow.

So, I called again the next day. This time they said I had an appointment scheduled for next Tuesday. I said I couldn't make that, and that I'd been told I had a Saturday appointment. No, they said, it's for Tuesday. After several minutes of being on hold, we compromised - Monday.

I'll never do business with Sears again.

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