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I understand that you may receive quite a few complaints. As a Director of Quality, I hear much of the same. In my dealings with complaints, it is best practice to try and resolve these issues to a degree of satisfaction which is beneficial to both parties. As it is common knowledge that you cannot satisfy all, no matter what you would do, to stand back and try to see the perspective of the customer as a whole, sometimes can shed a new light on things. With today's economy, a families funds are at an all time low, along with stress, and trying to make ends meet, a person wants quality, dependability and value. Spending funds that sometimes cannot be helped, such as for appliances that need to be replaced can really stretch a families budget. The last thing a buyer wants is to have to deal with confusion and issues that further disrupt everyday life, when it is included in a fairly large purchase. This leads me to my issue.

I have tried to contact sears customer care, and was also promised after delivery that a manager would call, and frankly at this point I cannot point to what was going to happen because I was told so many things that did not happen.

My wife and I have purchased over $6000.00 of merchandise from Sears in the last 1-1/2 year, approx. $5000.00 has been spent in the last 6-8 months. We have had delivery issues twice (washer and dryer and also a refrigerator), (I picked up my own T.V.). Delivery issues concerning our refrigerator involved my wife and I leaving work longer than expected. I was told the delivery would be between 7-9:00 AM, I agreed to this so my taking off to be sure I was at home is not a problem. Well, I waited until 10:30 AM and finally after pacing for over 2 hours, called the delivery center and was told my refrigerator went to Mobile, Alabama, for who knows why? I was told that they could deliver around 5:30 PM, which was great since my wife and I get home around 5:15PM. At 3:45PM I received a call from the delivery crew telling me they were at my house waiting to drop off my refrigerator. My wife and I had to leave early to get home to assure we would receive our refrigerator, all in all it was a $400.00 loss to our income by missing the time, not to mention we had spent over $2200.00 on the merchandise also. When we arrived home the refrigerator had already been uncrated and sitting in the drive way, the first thing we noticed was there were dents in the lower portion, Great! Phone calls emails, etc. have still produced no contact by Sears, other than a customer rep. that's asked what would be our recommendation. We told him that we thought a recommendation should come from Sears, but we were supposed to receive a call from the store manager, which we did not. To this day, we still have a $400.00 loss and a dented refrigerator.

Now comes the washer and dryer we had to wait for because it was on back order, we were told we would receive them first but, the pedestals would come later, well OK, we were good with that. One day prior to our proposed delivery date, a friend had interest in buying our existing washer and dryer, well, I thought, this is great, I can sell it now and get our new items tomorrow. We loaded our old washer and dryer up and off it went. The next day I am, again waiting, taking off of work, and no delivery. We contacted the store (again) and was told it would not possibly come that day and would be another week. Now, I do have the time to go to a public Laundromat, that is why I choose to have a washer and dryer in my home. The store manager in this case did compensate us for this issue by allowing money off of the item but, I still lost approx. $300 in lost wages, which was not replaced. Now, comes the pedestals, I had to *** of work again, the guys came to off load our pedestals and install them. After they were completed, I went back to work. A week later, my wife was wiping down the washer and noticed that a small leak is coming from the detergent/softener dispenser, and the leak ran down to a dent where the washer meets the pedestal. Now, I do things and notice when I am doing them if I dent, gouge, scrape, etc. something, there was no mention by the installers as to any dent or issue with the installation, I am sure they knew they did it. So, OK, now I have lost another $200.00 in lost wages, that's, $900.00 total and 2 out of 3 items have dents in them. I have always tried to purchase things from Sears and have had good luck with tools and so forth, and have always thought that Sears would back up their goods and I do spend a lot of money at Sears even though at times, I really do not need it. I would expect Sears to provide good customer satisfaction, especially with regards to things that were damaged or did not agree with the "contract". I would also expect Sears to value a good customer. I feel we are not a valued customer to Sears, and cannot even get "customer" care (on the web site) to answer a question, call, tell me to go pack sand or anything for that matter.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Installation.

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I agree, I have shopped at sears for 40 years,never again.


Don't shop at Sears! We shopped there for over 40 years and will not spend another penny there.

Sub-contractors damaged refrigerator and deeply scratched newly painted door frames. Sub was very nasty so we complained to Sears. This was a shocking disappointment especially since we've traded with Sears for over 40 years and spent many many thousands of dollars.

They pretty much called us liars for what ended up with us paying less than a hundred dollars to repair.

Buyers beware - do NOT shop at Sears. They are not the store they once were.