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In March 7, 2012, we contacted Sears to come out for a service call on a 4 year old Samsung 52" Plasma TV that originally cost $2,500 on sale. The technician did not show up on the day original told to us, but did come out the following day.

We left the Technician to do his work in private while we ate are dinner. When the Technician was finished, he handed us an estimate of $249 for parts and another $250 for labor, which was on top of the $99 that was charged for him to come out. We were told we had 30 days to decide whether tofix the TV for them to hold that price. We did not feel that it was worth it, so we purchased another TV and gave this set to our grandson.

My son opened the back of the TV and saw that the Technician had removed the part that required replacing. My son was able to replace it for $3.50. This is well below the $249 part cost. Now if Sears has a mark of of well over 9000%, then I'm surprised they have any customers.

Then to add another $250 for labor for a job that should have been completed when the Technician was out there is unbelievable. Frankly, I believe this is closer to fraud. I attempted to discuss this with a manager at their service dept., however, I only was elevated up one department to an individual who doesn't give their last name only a number. Their answer was to reimburse me back $50 for the service call.

Unfortunately, she did not realize it was about the money, it was about frauding the customer.

Then she asked if I would use them in the future. Are you kidding me, I need to trust the people I'm going to and I certainly do not have any trust in Sears.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

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