I previously worked at Sears in Lawrence County, PA. I really liked my job (for the most part) however; I really got annoyed because we were forced to sign "fake" people up for the shop your way rewards card. Everyday that I worked I was begged by my manager to come in the back office and create fake individuals so that they would have a high store ranking; they also forced us to sign individuals up for the credit card or we would be threatened with getting fired.

If you didn't sign people up for these things; they would only schedule you for like 3 hours once a week or even 15 hours a MONTH!

They also had employees walk through the isles and beg them to sign up to get their houses remodeled...if they couldn't get at least 5 during their shift...they would be suspended or fired.

It really was horrible how they treated some of their employee's...it reminded me of high school how they had their cliques!

I really enjoyed working for the company however; they really need to watch who they put in charge.

Review about: Sears Manager.


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