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Bought front load washer and dryer, and then $600 of 5 year service warranty.

Told you get one free preventative service call each calendar year.

Each service has been to run the machines through a quickie cycle to check function, and vacuum out excess lint in dryer. Each of the past three years, I explained occasional grease on clothes, they didn't "see" anything, so couldn't dismantle to check bearings or anything else.

This is the last year of warranty, but can't get service because even though it's a new calendar year, it's been less than 1 year since my previous service. Unless you schedule service in advance on the anniversary of purchases, you'll automatically lose one year of PM.


Won't ever purchase from Sears again.... EVER!!

Monetary Loss: $600.

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You shouldn't have had to fight for SERVICE which is not preventative maintenance. And yes preventative maintenance is joke. They should be pulling panels and dry vacuming the interior if nothing else. Dust and lint can block air and lead to heat issues. They should be looking for leaks even including motor fluid leaks. They should be checking belts for fraying. But just turning it on-oh please.

There is pressure to sell those agreements and there is pressure for productivity. But that is Sears problem along with the managers and tech to meet certain quotas, goals or numbers.

Around here there enough appliance repair places I could've gotten at least 3 service calls for 600 dollars. When every you buy a big ticket appliance assume you will be asked to buy their insurance. Before you buy shop actual repair prices and service calls in your area. Also most manufacturers give you a one year warranty which includes service.


Here's my reply to SMAdvisor:

We purchased this set used, and called Sears to verify the warranty could be transferred prior to our purchase. We've had 3 PM service maintenance visits since we bought this set used. It was explained to us that we get one call each calendar year, the Sears associate we spoke with specifically said one each year between Jan 1st - Dec 31st.. nothing about 1 year between calls.

After our purchase, we realized why the previous owners sold it... it retains a mildew smell. We researched that issue through online resources, and found it's due to water having no way to evaporate when the unit remains closed after use.

Our main issues are as follows:

1) We bought this set, to find out it has mildew odors if left closed after use. Our 1st service visit explained we should d leave the door open and run Afresh once a month.

** With kids and pets around the house, we shouldn't need to leave an appliance open for unattended periods of time.

** Running the Afresh only adds expense in materials, water and electrical use etc... rather minimizing any energy saving technology or savings.

2) Our "Preventative Maintenance" didn't serve to do any preventative maintenance other than cleaning some lint from the dryer. The units were put through simulated use (abbreviated cycles) and that was it. Even after explaining during all 3 technician visits, that we've had grease stains on 2-3 occasions during the year (each and every year and each and every technician) we were told they won't "open" the unit to inspect bearings etc unless they see or hear something. We also told them we've had some small water leaks under the washer, but nothing major. We were told it could be from when we leave the door open after use, but we explained we noticed the water during operations and prior to the "opening to dry out" phase...

We also requested they inspect the spider bracket and drum assembly, as there seems to be a predominant issue with failure on those items, and again we were told they don't "inspect" for issues, they only repair what they see or hear that might be a problem.

3) We expected better "maintenance" from our $500 service investment. No such thing as lube or belt replacements.

We had considered filing under the "3 strikes" lemon issue, but any time we've spoken with associates or techs, we've had only negative feedback.

I've made two other attempts to speak with Sears associates and found it to be an exercise in frustration, simply a waste of time communicating with corporate pawns that offer no remedy or satisfaction.

It seems Sears policies have changed to all profit at the expense of consumers, and no sincere interest in craftsmanship, quality, and customer satisfaction. Sure they might "advertise" that they care, but it's simply marketing jargon to get to our wallets.

to GawgaDave Auburn, Georgia, United States #677358

**** Update...

In fairness to Sears...

I sent the reply to SMAdvior, and received a phone call within an hour.

They are sending a technician to do a service call next Tuesday (which still happens to be under the warranty date).

I will follow up with what services the technician performs... I'll even try to post video of the entire service call. :roll


Dear GawgaDave,

My name is Brian and I am part of the Sears Social Media Escalations team. We are sorry to hear that you feel cheated by the protect agreement that covers your washer and dryer. We would like the chance to look into the concerns that you have brought to our attention, and see what we can do to help. Please send the following information – contact #, screen name (GawgaDave), phone # used at time of purchase to We do look forward to speaking with you soon!

Thank you,

Brian S.

Social Media Moderator

Sears Social Media Support

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