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39 days in South Florida, July and now August with NO A/C!! Just lots of run around, hang-ups and very rude customer service reps.

Wrote letter to CEO, canceled 30 year account and contacted BBB, FL Attorney General and Consumer Affairs. Small claims court will be next to recover losses & added expenses of window units. The current email address for Aylwin B Lewis President & Chief Executive Officer of Sears is His address is 3333 Beverly Rd.

Hoffman Estates, IL 60179. I encourage anyone who has had similar issues with service & repair to let him know how you feel. We did with a registered letter and our shredded credit cards. We may not hear anything back, but it felt good.

No more Sears for me!!!!


Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

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By far, Sears has the worst technicians and warranty policies. The tech that came to service our refrigerator had someone guide him over the phone the whole time (very unprofessional).

The part that needed to be replaced was under manufacturer warranty yet the only way to order it was if a Sears tech came out and installed it.

This warranty is garbage and worthless. I would advise to never purchase any items from this company.

Tishomingo, Mississippi, United States #30069

The CEO of Sears Holdings is no longer Aylwin B Lewis, so this e-mail address is worthless. The company has an interim CEO, W Bruce Johnson, and has had such for close to six months. They are still "searching" for a new leader.

Witney, England, United Kingdom #27225
I hear you. Please see my posts about our experiences with sears appliance service.

I am thinking about going to lowes or depot and just buying another washer.

I am just flat plain tired of dealing with the incompetence that is sears. :(

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