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I am unemployed and union appealing. getting workers comp not eligible --unemployment.

gave sears letter from union term not wrongdoing etc. I am eligible. Sears wrote---send appeals decision......w/in 30 days or close claim!!!! The pre-hearing is more than 30 days out.

5th ridiculas excuse/request from them. It's straight breach of contract. Anyone doing anything? interested in doing something?

have 4 cards w/protection who honor claims. Sears-- use every excuse not to. like saying "wait til you have surgery to see if it cures your disability!

I'm in serious debt because of this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Claim.

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Kent, England, United Kingdom #39812

Account Care is a money maker as long as you do not use it.Account Care is very tough to sell honestly.There is pressure and rewards for signing you up for a Sears Card and Acct Care.

Most sales associates will use the phrase "if anything ever happens and you can't pay your bill".The old plan would pay the minimum then pay off the balance after so many months.

Like any agreement Sears sells or sold it is filled with exclusions.And most selling associates don't even realize you need proof/documentation or you have to give up alot of personal information just to get your Sears Card payed off.

I would try your local BBB or even the state insurance commissioner since that is what acct care basically is-insurance.

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