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Yesterday I received an email from Sears stating that if I ordered an item over $200 I would get a 25% discount on any purchase. The promotion code was given and the offer was only for 4 days over the Thanksgiving week-end.

Also, your purchase had to be made online or by phone. So, I purchased a vacuum I've been wanting. Cost $259.00 Entered the promotion code. This caused my entire order to be messed up.

I had to enter my Sears card number THREE times. Finally, a page opened which said that my purchase was not eligible for the $25% discount. No reason given. I went back to my email and studied the ad and the promotion code.

There was nothing in the advertizing that indicated that some purchases may not apply. I am now writing the Competition Bureau to complain that Sears has false advertizing. I should have cancelled my order, but as usual it took a whole hour to complete an online order using the messed up Sears computer. One of the hold ups was because the computer wanted to tell me how many Sears points my new purchase would give me.

The screen just froze and stayed like that. So I had to exit the web site and start all over again. Then I had an awful time changing the order because by now Sears wanted to send me TWO vacuums. I never wanted to know my darn Sears points in the first place.

I have NEVER had one positive experience placing an online order with Sears.

But the fact that this Thanksgiving week-end, Sears is sending emails to millions of Canadians promising them 25% discount on purchases over $200 and then refusing to give me that discount is absolutely galling.

Monetary Loss: $259.

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