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We purchased a new air condition unit from Sears in 2011. Less than two years later our unit stopped working.

A repairman came out and immediately said it was a bad compressor and the freon was low. He said it must be a leak because the freon should not be low. He had to order the compressor and it would be about two weeks before he could install it. To make matters worse it will cost us $600.00 for labor.

It cost us $69.00 just for them to come out and tell us that THEY installed a bad compressor and freon leak.

I don't think this is acceptable. We should not have to pay for anything if their product malfunctioned.

$3,600+$69+$600 = Sears win and we lose while we suffer for two weeks with our house temperature reaching 80 degrees +. Whatever you do do not get Sears to install your air condition unit!

Monetary Loss: $3600.

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Piscataway Township, New Jersey, United States #748448

Rude AGAIN...YOU follow the correct decorum for treating a customer that has spent

Their hard earned money for something they did not get.

How do you sleep at night?????? You need to learn a little respect for other people, Susan, if that is what your real name is.

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Dear Anonymous,

Please see our comment to the two previous posts, Sears - Sears Air Condition unit installed. Please follow the directions on how to reply to our comment and forward your contact information to us for attention to this issue.


Susan R.

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