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) We continued to call everyone we could find associated with Sears. We got a lot of Buck passing & disconnects,but that's all. THEN!!yesterday, the power went out in our subdivision.. Power came back on after 3 hrs...But NOT THE HVAC! I checked all Breakers, and the Themostat said "System On", was on Cool,& Fan was On .. Cooler wouldn't turn on.. Called Sears (Again).the Answering service (after 3 calls & 3 Hrs.) Answered ( the Project...
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I liked
  • Nightmare
I didn't like
  • Whole process
  • Way sears treats us or their product
  • Being told a lie to get a sale
On July 12, 2016 my central air-condition unit stopped working, at that time I requested repairs to be made.Now after the repairman has worked on it 4 times. Each time he failed to repair it saying he needed to order parts. We are still waiting for more repair parts to replace the ones he has already installed. So far it has been eleven days waiting. All the complaint department will say about the repair is another three days for the repair...
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Sears Air Conditioner Repair Review

I had been repeatedly lied to by your Service repair man because he damage our Air Conditioner and putting the blame on us .l cried over the idea of what this quack done to us lord have mercy i have seen nothing like this.