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Our gas dryer died after 16 years of use. Definatly got our moneys worth there. Went to Sears, as we have for over 30 years to check out their dryers. Wife found a dryer she liked, and that thw washer was very long in the tooth as well, she decided to buy the set. A LG WT5001CW and a DLG5002W

She told the Salesman that she would buy them on the spot if they were delivered by Saturday (this was a Sunday). He agreed and we spent over $1800 for the set. Thursday rolls around and "I" look at the reciept and it has delivery for the following Saturday. She calls and complains to the salesman, he gets delivery set up for the correct Saturday. Saturday comes and she is all excited about her 2 new machines, I pulled out the old appliances so they were ready for take-away. They came Saturday afternoon and put in the Washer, as I told them that I would set them up, they set the Washer up for the Wife anyway. They started it up empty so it would run thru it's preliminary wash cycle with no clothes in the machine.she went and

talked to the neighbor next door for about 3 min, came back and there was water running all over the floor. Water gushing out of the Bleach Dispenser.

She called the installers back, they came right back and could not believe it. The Installers tried getting ahold of the Tec department 3 times, but kept getting the calls dropped. Finally they talked to the dispatcher, who put my Wife on, who assured her that a repairman would be out first thing Monday Morningby noon.

She took off work, and noon came and went, no call, no repairman. She called the 1-800 number again and they told her that the repairman was schedualed for the following monday. What the Hades are we supposed to do with a broken washer for 2 weeks ? Not do laundry? They would not send anyone out until the following week, so she got mad and told Sears to just replace the washer, as she did not want the broken one. They told her that they would not have a replacement washer for another two weeks.She called customer service and complained.

Around 1:30, Customer Service called back and told her that she Overfilled the Washer with clothes. Hello Nitwit Tecs, there WERE no clothes in the washer when it started gushing out water. Then "I" got involved.

I showed the Wife the Sunday Ads and they had the exact same washer on sale at 3 different Stores, and for $70 less! We Went to Conn's and bought another one, Next day delivery and the Wife called back Sears and told them to come get the thing, as we did not want it anymore and would return it. Took her almost a half hour to get it returned by phone with Sears and they will pick it up next Saturday.

What the Hades happened to Sears? It was never like this in the old days, and I have never been put thru so much Horse Hockey as this with a major appliance as Sears put us thru. So much for going back to Sears for anything but Craftsman tools from now on. They have sucessfuly lost another customer with their "Can't Do Anything"olicys.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Replacement.

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