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As a “pissed consumer”, you identify and know that:

1. Your not alone in this mess;

2. Your issue exists, and it is real life, real time, and that the issue does MATTER;

3. You understand and comprehend that others are (and have been engaged) in similar circumstances related to your issue;

4. How your examination and understanding of the issue and HOW should be resolved;

5. and, finally, for WHO benefits from it (Brown, 2007).

Since Sears/SHC is benefiting from your issues, examine what 'their' benefit is. (refer to the Shop Your Way” platform of Sears as a systematic investigation of how Sears/SHC THINKS).

Your issue brings attention (positive or negative) to Sears, and empowers them regardless, if you allow them to do so.

Resolution for you, (without Sears/SHC direct participation) is one beneficial asset for you that Sears loathes, since you are placing Sears/SHC directly RESPONSIBLE for the mess that THEY placed you in.

Remember the huge collapses, eventual and time sensitive, like the ENRON horror began just like this. Please refer to Enron, Ethics and Today's Corporate Values article:

In dealing with Sears, ENFORCE Sears/SHC TO PROPOSE AN IMMEDIATE SOLUTION. Affirm that you EXPECT and IMMEDIATE, FAIR and LEGAL handling of your situation, and that your EXPECTATION is for them to do everything it takes to get the problems and issues RESOLVED QUICKLY. Follow up email to Sears Corporate continually as to see and record the actual progress they are NOT making. If you press hard enough, it does pay off!

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