Someone stole my husband's identity and opened a Sears credit card. They then rang up thousands of dollars in purchases.

From day 1 we have been on the phone with Sears customer service and fraud department. We sent them the police report, the affidavit and everything else they needed from us. They kept telling us we were ok and that it was removed from our name and the account was closed. We have a detailed record of calls made and all the paperwork associated with those calls.

We kept getting bills, we kept calling, they kept telling us it was ok and we were not responsible for those charges. Now flash forward 2 months and Sears reports us as being 30 days past due on a payment for these fraudulent charges! The credit borough has now dropped my husband's credit 100 points. Sears needs to get it together and HELP victims of identity theft.

Due to this credit drop and Sears not responding to us - we are now having to battle daily to purchase the home we are attempting to buy (in escrow).

So now what Sears?

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Credit Card.

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