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DANGEROUS Dehumidifier recall:

Sears is recalling dehumidifiers that were made by LG between 2003-2009 due to fire hazard. Link to recall: />

The problem I have with this recall is the fact that Sears and LG are only providing a prorated refund depending on size and age of unit. Looking at other recalls in the past that have been by LG included a free repair. This time they are not offering a free repair or replacement—only a prorated REFUND!

So now I have a defective dehumidifier that I must stop using immediately and go spend more of my hard earned money to replace it. I called Sears and LG only to get nowhere. They do not care! LG told me this is the best they will do. They do not care about their customers anymore!

A RECALL for a DANGEROUS and DEFECTIVE appliance should either get fixed or replaced with the equivalent, not a prorated refund.

Please post this and share this with everyone you know. There are more than 700,000 affected units out there that need to be replaced. If everyone starts complaining maybe we can make Sears and LG do the right thing!

Thanks for posting.


ps... Sears Cares reps don't bother responding to this post! All you people do is search the internet for negative post towards Sears and say how sorry you are!!! If you really wanted to be helpful than you would ask yourself if your really helping anyone. Know one from Sears Cares has responded to me after waiting four business days. Sears does not care at all !!!!

So I will keep posting about this everywhere I can find to complain! Something has to be done!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

Monetary Loss: $520.

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We've owned two of the recalled Kenmore 1500 series, and one slightly newer 1700 series that is not being recalled. Aside from having to replace control panels every couple of years (which I'm getting good at -- we live near the ocean), all three units have run fine.

The 1500s are 8 yrs old now and still running strong. I'd like to know what the actual problem is that's causing the recall -- maybe it's not that hard to fix. I'll bet it's not the compressor, which is about the only thing in these easy-to-work-on units that would be tough to fix. I'm with the replace-the-plugs-and-keep-em-going dude.

New models don't appear to last more than a year or two, no matter what the brand, according to many reviews. Maybe it's the move away from freon.


I had 5! that failed in the EXACT same manner.

Three of them were not "within" the recall serial number, right. I'll NEVER purchase an LG product again period.


Well if LG ever manages to find the *** I sent them and send me the money, I MAY pull it from service. I just replaced the plug end and removed the flammable *** they have in it.

If I do pull it from service, I'm dropping it off at the local sears, THEY can pay to get the Freon out of the thing.