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Approximately 18 months ago we purchased a Sears model washer dryer set manufactured by LG. while washing a cotton blanket, a couple towels and kids socks and underwear the interior glass (front loader) shattered during the tumble cycle. We heard a loud thumping and checked it out. The glass had gone every where. There were some very large pieces and many tiny shards. The entire load of laundry was ruined. The interior stainless steel drum is scratched and gouged and must be replaced. The estimate to repair the washer is 2 times the purchase price as the entire machine must be dismantled and all systems flushed to remove the glass shards.

Contacted both companies and were told sorry out of warranty have a nice day. Even worse was they both said that this doen't happen and was because we misused the washer. My wife babied this thing always left the door slightly open to air between loads so that musty smell wouldn't happen.

Filed complaint with both companies and were again told to go fly a kite. Filed complaint with the US consumer protection agency and both companies replied stating that if there is a problem to call their 1-800#'s WE DID THAT, DUH!!!!

So needless to say Sears has now lost a long time customer who likes to support american companies. Now we are out another $1250 for a new washer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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I have an LG model 1201C. I set something on the glass and it started cracking.

I thought diamond glass was suppose to be hard and durable. My son though it was plexiglass-glass and was surprised when I told him what happened.

I chatted online with Sears about installing a new lid and the cost. Could not get a straight answer.


I refuse to buy LG or Sears. LG makes junk.

If sears is marketing their product under their name they are just as bad. There is a class action on some of their products.

Some of you might want to check that out. My product was the LG WT1101 washer


Same thing happened to ud on a LG machine purchased in Spain. LG refusef to honor warranty.


That may be what I have. The manual says WT 1201/ WT1101C


I had a similar experience. I purchased a Kenmore elite washer dryer set in July 2012.

I was washing towels today and the interior glass shattered. I was told it was out of warranty therefore I had to purchase as new part.

There does not seem any point to put in a complaint as I don't feel it would be any good. I feel it would fall on deaf ears even if I know who to call.


This is just happened to my LG washer/dryer and I just got in in May! During the dry cycle we heard a noise and the entire inside of the glass door exploded.

LG was supposed to have a tech arrive today and he didnt show up.

Now I have to wait another week for the next opening they had! Very dissatisfied with LG customer service.


LG claims they have never heard of doors exploding!Lousy product, worse service. Never buy again!


Actually Sears is part of the problem. Why not do something for the guy? If Sears put a little pressure on LG I am sure it could be fixed.

Really does not matter anyway, just like the dinosaurs, Sears will be extincted soon anyway.


Why should companies reimburse you after their warranty? It sucks that it broke but unless you buy the extended warranty things like this can happen you just have to come to this realization.

As to why you are angry at sears is beyond me they only sell the product they don't manufacturer it. So by no means should they have to deal with your issue/ LG's issue.


:( That's simply ***. Sears and other companies make a name through customer service they offer.

It is not just "one of those things that happens" that a glass door on a washing machine explodes. I guarantee if your child was standing in front of that door when it exploded you wouldn't so dismissive about this person's plight. It's obvious that if this kind of thing has happened and can cause injury or death, it is a design flaw.

Furthermore, every time there is a catastrophic failure of anything, according to you, you should just "suck it up" and buy again. Thank GOD YOU have nothing to do with consumer protection.