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My horror story begins on 1/28/2015 ... It was the day I bought my new dishwasher....

I had just remodeled the kitchen for my wife at christmas... New floors new cabinets and a glass tile backsplash and new sideboards.... new range hood.. and a brand new kitchen island with barstools...

We were so excited by how nice it turned out. The last purchase we needed was the dishwasher so all the appliances matched... We bought a black one to match the maytag fridge and stove ... which all were purchased at sears....

A month after we had installed the dishwasher we awoke one night to the smell of wires burning... it was coming from the dishwasher... I shut it off and opened the door to see what was going on.... A few days later the sears tech came and replaced some wires which he said were burned or something and talked us into a warrany which I bought..

A month later we came home and the floor was covered with water .. flooded with about a inch of water... We called sears again and the tech came out and serviced the dishwasher he replaced parts and left... I showed him the picture of the water leaking from the dishwasher and the damage and he said it was impossible for the dishwasher to leak.......

We were told to get in touch with sedgewick for the water damage.... Sedgewick is a joke .. I was jerked around by them for mounths before they decided they were not to blame.... June was when they told me they were not liable.....

This is six months into this.... In july my wife and i replaced the kitchen island cabinets and replaced the floor at our cost due to the water damage from the dishwasher... About 1500 dollars and I did the labor and hired some others to help me... About the middle of september we come home and the dishwasher was leaking again...

My wife and i were so upset... We did not even want to deal with sears anymore..... It was just a drip this time so we decided to put a towel and drip pan on the floor to catch the water. This is how we lived for the next threee months whenever we did dishes..The leak has gotten so bad it has destroyed the cabinets on each side of the dishwasher and black mold is growing in them...

In the begining of dec. I called sears again and they came and serviced the dishwasher and ordered more parts.. Told me it was okay to use it and it would not leak anymore... This time the dishwasher worked for a few hours....

We left and ran downtown to run an errand... When we cam home we had another flood and when my wife opened the door a huge amount of water came out ..... about a half inch of water on the floor.. We called sears again and they sent the repair man again a few weeks later...

He ordered more parts and told us to continue to use the towel and pan to catch the water and said he did not know where the leak was and could see it leaking but could not fix it...Sears finally decided to replace it... Now my floors are completely ruined and need to be replaced for the third time in one year and my base cabinets also need to be replaced... I have been dealing with sedgewick for a month now and have gotten them to call me twice in the last month... They do not repond and are rude...

I asked them how long this was going to take to fix and they basically told me that if I did not like the pace they were moving to claim it on my insurance.....F%#@$*! I am so sick of this and just want to my kitchen to be fixed..... It has been going on for a year now.... Going to go to the bank and try to get a loan to fix the damage...

I am not holding my breath that sears is going to come good for it.... I am not going to claim it on my homeowners either...The only thing I wonder is why doesn,t sears sell a jar of vasoline with the dishwasher because you end up being screwed from every direction...

Product or Service Mentioned: Kenmore Dishwasher.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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Seriously? You spent all that money and left a dishwasher you knew to be faulty.

Then you leave it running while you are not home? What you have dealt with is unfortunate but I would have never installed new flooring until I had spent a few hundred more and bought a new dishwasher. Horror story?

You should speak with my grandmother who survived the Holocaust. Now THAT was a horror story!


new dishwasher is on the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry if I offended you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am just upset with sears and their service??????

Sorry for what your grandma went through?????

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