I purchased 5 appliaces not quite 2 years ago and i have alrady had them out for repair for three of them. I just threw out the repair guy for the mirco wave when he told me the part was 283.00 aare they kidding me..

I want to really get back at them.. any ideas! they sell all *** and then they want to charge you for fixing what they sold you as bad.. please tell me what can i do as a consumer to get revernge I am so pissed..

I want to scream.. I will never ever buy anthing from them nd I will make sure I tell everyone to do the same

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

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I am very offended that all my bad language was removed from my last post

that's "BS"


bought at sears:

lcd tv $1,200 bad mother board, bad power supply, bad screen

dish washer $450 bad motor $250 x2 bad door hinges $45, bad water valve $50

fridge $1,400 bad mother board $190, bad door seals x 4 $200, now its dumping water on the floor every 7 days?

washing machine $949 bad motor control $212, ripped bellows $50 broken belt $42

craftsman air compressor $499 pump locked up $150

craftsman LED "D" lite led's broken off inside plastic lens $50

craftsman allunimum 3 ton jack $375 will no go up any more *not serviceable* $375

WHAT THE ***, all this *** crapped out in less then 4 years!

I have 3 kids 2 under 5, a beach towel under the fridge (that i have to change every 7 days) the washing machine stops working with all my wife and kids clothes soaking wet inside and sears tells me to go stick my thumb up my ***!

*** YOU!!


Home Depot sends home service techs - from Sears!


Sears buys/sells the same "***" that you would buy from home depot, best buy, even walmart. Its not sears, its the manufacture you need to be pissed at, even if it was Kenmore it is made by someone else other than sears, aka whirlpool, LG, or Frigidaire

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