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I am writing this as I am very upset with Sears and their shipping practices. I ordered an item on the website on March the 7, 2011. The item was to be delivered on March the 11th, 2011. I checked the status on this item today the 14th of March and it still has not shipped from Sears, no notification, no reasons for the delay, just no item. I called customer service and they told me that they were waiting on UPS to pick the item up and they usually take 7 - 10 business days for pickup. I then called ups, gave them the tracking number and they told me that the item was issued a tracking number but the shipper has not notified them that the item was ready for pickup. I called Sears customer service once more and I was told that the item was not on back order and they were not sure as to why it was not shipped and they would email the shipping department for an update.

I was given reasons why it was delayed and not shipped when ordered, like weather, UPS response time of picking up the order and/or billing issues. All of which I have verified that the items described above were not an issue.

As a point of reference, I ordered an item from NewEgg the same day, which was coming from the CA warehouse, i reside in SC and it was picked up by UPS, same shipping economy ground, on the 8th and I received it today, the 14th. I actually got the email from sears with the tracking number first and that order 7 days later has not moved from their location.

I hope sears looks at these reviews and gets the reason they are failing as a company. CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! It says a lot when bankrupt company like Kmart buys you up and you still make no changes in the way you do business. I used to be an avid shopper of sears, now I am not going to be a customer at all.

Monetary Loss: $28.

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Sears Response

know what,

I'm sorry you've had problems with our delivery service or any of our services. My name is Brian H. with Sears Cares and I would like to help. At your convenience please contact my office via email at smsupport@searshc.com so that we can assist with resolving this issue. Please provide us a contact number and we will call you at your convenience. In addition, include your screen name (know what) in the email so we can reference to your case.

Thank you,

Brian H.

Sears Cares


I will NEVER buy anything from Sears.com again EITHER. In my opinion,their shipping methods or service is terrible


Update and follow up :)

Last night I sent an email to Sears Holding Corp.

This morning I received a phone call from a Senior Case Manager with Social Media Support at Sears Holding Corporation.

She was very polite and extremely professional. She followed up with an email. They offered me an e-gift card in the amount I had spent on-line before. They also waived the fees for that unfortunated 2nd day shiipping when the wrong itm arrived. I received also an email from Blue Ribbon and another from sears.com. All appologizing etc. I was really surprised. We'll see... I have to tell you that I had a feeling it is a totally different company and not the one I struggled with 24 hours earlier.

So, at the end a Happy Ending :)


sears fan, You wouldnt by chance be related to "sears loyal customer" would you?

Very similar responses to issues you have no business responding to. If you have a problem with all these customers writing bad feedback(s) against sears customer service, you should maybe contact sears and see what they are doing wrong.

I went back to google as you said you did and typed in sears.com and did not see my feedback listed there. put it in as sears, sears.com, sears reviews, etc.... none of the searches brought up my feedback, which also concretes my thoughts on your working for sears in some way or fashion.

do us all a favor, talk to your manager and see if there is a way he can get the customer service reps to actual care about the customers.



Thanks for your candor about your experience, my experience was not like yours and I had delt with two seperate individuals, both of which left me unsatisfied with Sears customer service. As for the horrible part, i may have over stated that, because it is a matter of opinion. maybe a less descriptive word could have been used, one which would have not explained my feelings over this whole order. But I felt that I would be doing an injustice if I lied to everyone that is reading this feedback.

as a side note I still have not recieved an update email or the item so I went back and found out that it was shipped the day I called and will arrive tomorrow.


I totally agree. It is not even Customer Service. It should be called WDGDU "We don't-give-a-*** Unit"

In short: I placed an online order on March 12, 2011. I paid extra for expedited i.e. 2nd day shipping to be absolutely sure I will receive it on time, before Saturday, the 19th when I am leaving for vacation. The order arrived today. The wrong item was packed and shipped. It happens. After all we are human only. Errare humanum est.

I called so called customer service (they weren't able to localize my order by ANY of the numbers on a slip/packing invoice fo 20 minutes;)to ask to ship the correct item asap saying I will take care of the return of the wrong one and reimbursement after. I wanted to pay for the replacement item and the only thing I asked for was to ship it asap as a courtesy of Sears. I was refused. I heard from Eric H. (the gentleman didn't want to disclose his family name for... "security reasons"... his id is #0822922 ) that he couldn't ship it the fastest way i.e. next day (they call it premium) and waive the shipping fee because this is something they NEVER do.

Well... I paid for something I haven't received. If it was Sears' fault then Sears should fix it. Not at my expense with all due respect.

Apparently shipping the correct item next day and waiving the shipping fee was an obstacle like an Iran Contra affair.


I heard I was "imposing" something. If this is the way their customer service looks like then this was my last order at Sears. Ever.

I didn't demand some silly compensation for "emotional distress" because this is not a TV court drama. I didn't ask for a "gift card"

I only asked for shipping the correct item the fastest method available. I was refused.

Thank God I have a credit card from BofA which considers me a Customer with a capital "C" letter. The protection covers in 100% situation when you do not receive the very good or service you have paid for.

I filed a claim with them and was credited with the total.

I am surprised Sears still exists. In comparison Wallmart is a Saks or Bloomingdale in terms of Costumer treatment.

Negligent, incompetent, horrible.



I am sorry, but I do not work for Sears. Sears.com is a great site & has had my business for years.

I am only familar with how there shipping works as what you are experiencing has happened to me once before as I stated. It is upsetting to me to go to google to access Sears.com only to see your blast about the worst customer service from Sears ever. It fuels my fire to know such a great company is getting such terrible feedback. It is only fair to let know others reading this know that what you are experiencing is not the normal with Sears.com.

and all of the customer service reps I have encountered with Sears were ready, willing and very capable of resolving any issues I have ever had.

I strongly suggest you call Sears.com and request to speak to a manager that can get down to the bottom of where your item is for you right away. I have confidence that you will encounter someone who cares & who is willing to help.


You clearly work for Sears so I have no retort other than your company has bad customer service and I still have not recieved my item nor any email explaining why.

"Sears customer service reps did everything they could in there power to put up with the whiny *** you gave them!" isnt this the reason they are in customer service in the first place? To field calls from "Whiny ***" dishing people when they are given an expected arrival date for an item they purchased and it hasnt been recieved even after a week past the date given.

Arrival Date: 3/09 - 3/11 Tracking Number: 1ZV614F203130XXXXX

Return Code: 1519-6216-2549-0659-XXXX

Sales Check #: 09300140XXXX


I failed to mention above that I like you also had the same experience with sears when I expected my package at certain time and it was not there. I just so happened to be lucky enough to get a great rep to explain the process to me so I thought that I would pass it along to you.

At this point it may not mean anything to you but once I was able to understand the process it made me feel better.

I have not had anything but positive experiences from Sears and they will continue to get my business! :)


I am sorry but your facts are just not right. Sears has been around for over 100 years & trust me they are not going bankrupt.

Kmart may have bought Sears but they took there name as the corp name due to the well known name and business Sears has done. Your order is going through the process of what Sears calls zone skipping. This means that your item is on a Sears truck from its regional warehouse on its way to your state. UPS does not have your item at this time, and they have only received billing information.

Once the Sears truck reaches your area then your package will be dropped of at a ups hub and at that point you will be able to track your package. Also, the dates of arrival that you were given upon placing your order are "expected" and not guaranteed arrival dates. Sears as almost every other online company can only offer an expected arrival date. It takes 2-3 days to even process your order and 5-7 for shipment.

There also could maybe be for some reason an un-expected delay either with the vendor or warehouse. Your thinking is unrealistic and I bet you Sears customer service reps did everything they could in there power to put up with the whiny *** you gave them!

By the way I bet you your item will be there tomorrow! Relax

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