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Anyone else want to join in? Sears has a department called One Source Service.

It is less than service. I have had now 4 service calls on a Samsung TV I purchased under service protection that comes with a new TV. About 4 months prior to it expiring, the TV took a puke. I have tried and tried to get them to replace the TV.

The best so far was an offer to rent a TV until they fix mine. My cost upfront and then fax the bill in and they would repay me....Right! Sears could care less about customer service, or at least in my case. I guess we will see how far I have to go to get a resolution.

1800.00 I have dusted it more than enjoyed it.

I hope Samsung reads this and sees first hand just how well their products are being treated!

Monetary Loss: $1800.

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I too had the same problem with Sears. It was however a GE Microwave that was 6 months old and rarely used.

I turned it on one day and it was making loud noise and it would not heat. I packed the microwave in it's original box with original packing and all of the paper work along with my receipt and went to Sears. I was told that I could borrow a microwave from someone. I would then need to pick up the microwave that I had brought back (which incidently had been scanned and accepted at the warehouse window as a verified return in a matter of 10-15 minutes) and drive to the other side of town to the service department and drop off to be repaired.

When and if it could not be repaired they would exchange for the same microwave. (when I went to pick up the microwave they made me wait 30-45 minutes trying to locate it)What happened to Customer Service. I told the clerk that I did not want the same microwave. I would not get the same model that only lasted 6 months.

Any item of that caliper should operate without defect without question for longer than 6 months. I cannot believe the rude Salesclerk or the fact that Sears is too chicken ____ to back up the products that they sell. I will never step foot in another Sears and I tell everyone I talk to about the incident and how Sears does not stand behind the products they sell.

I would hope that GE company would have replaced my microwave with another model without any questions but who knows. I am done with Sears and Kmart.

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