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I sent the following letter to sears, recieved a automated reply that I would get a response in three days. Never get a call or anything, ended up having to call back for ANOTHER issue was transfered around to five different people before finally getting to the WRONG department, was then told that I would get a call back in 24 hours and that was over a week ago and I of course have heard nothing!!!

To whom is may concern;

My husband and I closed on our new home on Monday March 12, 2012. We promptly went to you store in Gurnee Illinois to buy the new appliances and equipment that we needed for this new house. We had purchased all of our appliances in this store for our previous home and expected to have the same great service that we had at that time. While we were in the store we had great customer service everyone was very helpful from price matching to setting up delivery of our new Samsung HE washer and dryer and Craftsman riding lawnmower with bag.

When it came to delivery your company did not come anywhere NEAR meeting our expectations, and the warranty department that we had to contact to get these things corrected was also nowhere NEAR as epithetic as I believe they should have been. When the washer and dryer were set up the individuals that did this on March 17, 2012 LEFT THE SHIPPING BOLTS IN THE WASHER! When we contacted the customer service line we were shoved off to warranty in not so nice of a manner. Once we were in contact with your warranty department they stated that "oh it must be the shipping bolts that are causing you not to be able to level your washer, this is common.". This issue may be common but very uncalled for. Isn't this something that should be checked at every delivery? Aren't there shipping bolts in all equipment to SHIP them to the homes? We were then informed that it would be a WEEK before anyone could be sent out to rectify this. I find this quite ridiculous, YOUR company sends out delivery men that do not do their job and WE have to suffer a WEEK before anyone can come out. Because of this we had to spend almost $40 to take our clothes to a Laundromat that is more than the measly $30 gift card we were offered for "our trouble." We have two children and two dogs, we CANNOT afford to go a WEEK without a washer and dryer

On to the riding mower, this was delivered the same day, my husband and two of our very intelligent friends tried to use this mower. At first it would turn on and only go about a half mile an hour, after reading the manual AGAIN they tried it out again and this time the mower would not move. AGAIN we called customer service, they sent us to warranty and they said no one could come out till March 27, 2012. This time OVER a week, YOUR company sends us faulty equipment and we are forced to house it and not be able to mow our lawn for over a WEEK? We had a reception for our children's baptism at our home this past Sunday March 25, 2012 and were unable to clear or mow our lawn before had because of this. This is horrible business. I have informed ALL of my friends of this situation and also anyone that I'm speaking to that the conversation turns in that direction. I would love to be able to go back to these individuals and explain how well your organization rectified this matter after the fact. On the 27th we were given a new mower. We were informed by the delivery person that the mower was in fact defective. So again we had defective equipment housed in our garage for OVER a week this is unacceptable!

I do not believe that our situation was resolved in an appropriate way. After spending over $4000 at a store I expect to receive items that work. I would expect someone to be at my home within 48 HOURS to fix these items if they are faulty. I expect customer service to offer something more than a gift card for less than 1% of the purchase price of my items. I expect a timely response to this letter with a MUCH better resolution; I believe that a refund of ATLEASAT 10% of the purchase price of these items is appropriate; a refund for the $40 we had to spend at the Laundromat and a sincere apology for these issues and stress this has caused our family.


Sarah and Joshua Grubbs

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I will contact the area that you reccomend. But this is almost too little too late at this point. I have never been dealt such HORRIBLE customer service. If My issue is not resolved this time I will continue to make everyone aware of the issue this caused me so that other consumers are not put through the torture that I have been for buying items at Sears.



Dear Segrubbs,

My name is Stephanie L. and I am part of the Sears Social Media Escalations team. We have just come across your post and it has caused concern. We would first like to extend our deepest apology for any poor delivery service you have received. It is very understandable to expect stellar service especially after making such a large purchase. We would also like to apologize for the poor customer service, we expect our agents to build customer relationships and it does not seem this happened. We would like to contact you and further discuss your experience. At your convenience please contact our office via email at and a dedicated case manager will contact you directly. In the email, please provide a contact phone number and the phone number the washer, dryer, and riding lawn mower was purchased under (if different than the contact phone number) and we will call you directly. Also, in your email, please provide your screen name Segrubbs you used to post on this site, for reference to your issue, and we do look forward to talking to you soon.

Thank you,

Stephanie L.

Social Media Moderator

Sears Social Media Support

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