Sears on line appliance scheduling and service is totally unreliable and there is no guarantee that anyone will show up.

After scheduling a service call on my refrigerator where I got to pick the day and time of my service call on line I gave Sears $75,00 and I thought I was set.

5 hours into when I was suppose to have service, I called a service line off shore and was told to reschedule.

I lost $75,00 plus a half day of work and my refrigerator is still not fixed.

I am going to spend $5,000 on new kitchen appliances and I will never ever buy appliances from Sears because even if the product is good the customer service is not.

Sears does not get what customer service should be which is why they are a second rate retailer and losing market share.

Sears forgot what made them a major company and forgot that great customer service is what make good companies great

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