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On July 21st I called Sears Appliance Repair service to schedule an appointment to have my Jenn-Aire refrigerator repaired. The appointment was made for July 29th between the hours of 8 am and 12 noon.

When nobody called or showed up by 11:45 am, I called customer service to find out where the repair person was and why I hadn't been called. I got the usual response that he was running a little late but he will be there. I asked when. They said they didn't know.

I asked them to contact him to find out and they said that there must be something wrong with the computer because he didn't respond. I asked them to call him on his cell phone and they said he didn't have one. I found that hard to believe. I waited another hour and called back for an update.

They told me they would contact him and let me know. Another hour went by and still no return phone call and no repair man. I kept calling every hour until 5 pm when they finally told me that they would have to re-schedule the appointment. I wasted an entire day waiting for someone who never came.

The next morning I went back online to see the status of my ticket number and it said that the customer was not at home. Calling customer service is a waste of time. I lost a whole day of work for nothing. They lied in the update of their records for my Service Order number and said that I was not home when I was home all day.

I even went out in the front of the house to wait for them at one point to see if the Sears truck was on my street and couldn’t find the house. Unfortunately, there I know of no recourse for having been treated with such disrespect. There should be penalty for a no call no show. If I did anything remotely close to what Sears did to me, I would be fired.

I will never call Sears again for any service and I would be skeptical of any other services offered by Sears in the future for a purchase of any kind. The reason I called Sears in the first place was for name brand recognition. I thought they had a good reputation and could be trusted. Now, I don’t trust them and I will not buy anything from them again.

Sears wake up!

You have a major customer relations problem.

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I've heard that in CA there is a law, CA civil code section 1722 b

that may apply. You can get $600 for a no show appointment. Maybe other states do too.

I don't know, but it is worth checking out.


Lying to cover their butts.Why expect anyless.The tech doesn't care he got to do what ever.The manager of the service center doesn't care because he has an excuse as to why your ticket was never completed..And the tech probably backed up the work load enough to get overtime by the end of the week.And the service center has job security as long as this *** goes on.

First,it you have any kind of warranty on it see if they can extend the number days it took them to service you.

Second you need to go directy to corporate headquarters.Write a calm factual letter,emphasize you had to stay home.Phone numbers and addressed on Sears . com site.

Third I would go to a government agency like the better business burearu-report them.

Good Luck