I am a sears service technician and I want to let the world know how horrible this company is.Each day we get 12-15 calls to complete while driving sometimes 200 miles.

Sears knows that some customers will not get service, yet they continue to overwork their technicians which results in poor morale and poor customer service. No one wants to work for this company and they cannot find technicians who will work for them (Unit 8107) in Houston. This company is the pits and I advise all customers never to use them.

They use pressure tactics to pressure their technicians to sell products which are 4 times more expensive than what can be purchased at the local Wal-mart, and they expect us to take all kinds of heat from the customer who is upset before we arrive because we have rescheduled them 3 times, 2 weeks to order part, and because we could not meet the 8-12 time frame along with the other 8 customers that were promised 8-12.I would never use this company they are overpriced and the technicians are very unhappy about working for this company.

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