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We are currently in the process of dealing with Sears to get our 1 year old Kenmore Elite refrigerator replaced.After two weeks of failed repair attempts, on Friday July 26 our refrigerator was deemed unrepairable. We were told that we would be contacted in 24-48 hours to get this process taken care of.

On Saturday the 27th I called to check up on the process and was told that I takes 3 days and we would be contacted on Wednesday. Since we are without a refrigerator for our family we called on Tuesday to see if we could get an answer sooner and were again told close of business Wednesday we would be contacted. Wednesday came around and we never were contacted, so Wednesday evening I called again (these are 1-2hour calls by the way because we always have to be transferred 3 times). On this call I was told that the processing team is behind and it is taking 5 days so we would be contacted on Friday. Friday comes, I wait through the afternoon and decide I will call to check again.

I am now being told that it is in "processing" and we should know soon. Not even given a time frame. The item that we are wanting to get as a replacement is in stock at our sears location in Jefferson City, Mo. If this would have been taken care of Wednesday, it could have been delivered yesterday and we would have a working refrigerator. As it stands now, we still do not have a working refrigerator and have no timeframe that this will be resolved.We need someone to take care of this situation.

We are now at 3 weeks without a working refrigerator that we purchased a master protection agreement on just so we wouldn't ever be in this situation. On the phone, the only solution we are given is to wait longer.We have spent many hours on the phone trying to get this done. As I said above this was a 3 day process originally, we are now on day 8 and not one time has anyone from sears contacted us to apologize or let us know it was going to take longer.I did respond to an email from your customer solutions department letting them know everything I have told you.

That was 3 days ago, and have gotten no response.I was actually told yesterday that if we did not pay for delivery of our new item, we would actually be expected to load up the non working refrigerator an deliver it to the store ourselves! If looking for new appliances do yourself a favor and look elsewhere !

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