Scranton, Pennsylvania

purchased all kenmore appliances from sears. the glasstop stove is a piece of junk -- the burner areas are all scratched -- although I used the recommended cookware and cleaning procedure.

refrigerator is basically falling apart after 4 years. The door shelves are cracking - they are not overstuffed. The humidity control in the drawers does not work. The dishwasher worked a short time -- just until the manufacturers warranty expired.

It used to be that you didn't have to purchase extended warranties in order to have sears stand behind its products. I should have purchased at Lowe's for better prices AND FREE DELIVERY!!!

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Lowes, as I found from owning apartment buildings, is the first and last shopping stop for appliances with a huge selection from economy to upscale EVERYTHING. Home Depot doesn't really appear to even attempt at competing with Lowes regarding applicances - no criticism of Home Depot at all - they're also so very awesome in all other categories. Also, Lowe's has usually given me excellent service in the SW Denver Metro area (Littleton, CO).


well sears sold junk and now closes.. if they did a better job they would not closing. Sick of seeing people stick up for the junk and blame the customers...


first of all Electrolux makes over 17 major appliance companies stuff. I have been in sales over 28 years and everyone gets the same stuff.

and to hear someone say that whirpool stopped making stuff for sears only! he must work at burgerking!

i bet everyone likes LG, well there starting to make kenmore items. so stop blaming one store for *** that the major appliances company's are making...


you people are ***, sears don't make them, they sell them, just like lowes, homedepot, bestbuy. blame the company's that make them not the stores that sell them.

and NO! one store dosen't get better stuff then others.


Not only have companies like Whirlpool stopped making Sears appliances there are so many un-necessary features on appliances now a days that those features or conveniences make the unit more complex and expensive to repair.

I think Electrolux and Fridgadare make alot of Kenmore cooking appliances. Throw in planned obsolesence modern appliances suck.

KISS - Keep it simple *** . And that's what I do with just about all my big ticket purchases including cars. The less on it the less that can wrong. Extra features can strain motors and wrack up electric bills as well but more it importantly more features = more that can wrong.