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Two years ago I purchased a brand new side by side fridg with ice maker and water dispenser. Not having had an ice maker before, I did not realize that it was not working the way one ought to be. Constantly, the ice maker would stop functioning. Well, after a year (2007)and when the warranty was up, the ice maker plastic push in part(where one pushes your glass up to receive ice) broke off.

We called the service department and explained both of our problems.

When the technician arrived, he looked at the ice maker and the plastic push in and said, "They are broken." You're kidding, we thought.He then proceeded to tell us that to FIX it, it would cost us $500.00, nearly half of what we paid for the fridge. We were SO angry. What a piece of junk. To top it all off, he had NOT brought along the replacement parts despite us telling the service person exactly what was wrong with the fridge. He then proceededto tell us that he'd have to come back with the parts!!!This is before he charged us $70.00 for the visit. We felt like we had been robbed. We were so upset that we told the guy to leave and we have yet to fix the fridge. Not only do we feel robbed by the service call, but I feel like we got a LEMON of an appliance and are now stuck with it until we can afford to purchase another one. Trust me, when we do purchase again, it won't be from Sears.

NEVER again will I purchase from Sears.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Replacement.

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first of all sears does not manufacture appliances they have contracts with major appliance manufacturers and they put the kenmore name on them. in reality your fridge is made by frigidaire, maytag, etc.

the manufacturer gives the 1 year warr. secondly there are only so many parts a technician can carry on his truck.he would have to drive around in a tractor trailer to stock every part.so before you put down sears remember they don't make the machines.

if you can buy the insurance. they don't make things like they once did.

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