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My husband & I have always thought Sears had the best appliances. Both of our parents had always bought from Sears. After building a new home and buying all new appliances I must say I am not to pleased.

First I'll start with the fridge. The biggest problem is the icemaker. It always makes too much ice. Even it I put the switch on small. Everytime I open the bottom freezer door I have ice all over the floor.

The other problem is that the lightbulb never shut off when the doors were closed. The plastic covering melted. The fridge got so hot from the heat of the bulb that all my food got spoiled.

The handles for the crisper drawers always break.

I just think Sears quality has changed, and its not for the better.

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Sears is not the company you have an issue with. read more here: www.searsinsider.tk

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