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Sears charged me $367.10 for a water pump. When he left the washer did not spin out the machine, the reason I called him out the first time.

The 2nd visit was a no show no call (no one came or called, we waited all day). Sears refused to give me my money back, saying someone have to check the washer 2 times before they can give my money back. Not my fault the service man didn't show up. On the 3rd visit the man said the computer board went out, if the computer board went out why did he put the water pump on, it did not work.

I don't want Sears service man back in my house I want my money back, so I can buy me a washer. I think Sears stores are closing, and they are trying to get every penny they can get out of faithful customers. BAD BUSINESS! DO NOT USE SEARS THEY WILL LIE TO YOU AND KEEP YOUR MONEY!!!

I have read the reviews, I am talking to some lawyers to getting a class action sue to try and get everyone that have proof of money that Sears have taken from them and not repaired their customers. Will let you all know as soon as it's all worked out.

Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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Do Not use Sears

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