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Trying to get some tools replaced, I wrote down the sizes of five sockets for my blind friend. 4 were correct, but the last was the wrong size.

She got a 7/16 instead of a 3/8. She came out and did not discover this until on the way home and had to be driven back to the mall. The saleswoman told her she was wrong (the customer is always what?) but would give it to her anyways, and did not check the original socket.

Very rude service and lazy. What is going on at Sears in Ft Wayne IN?

Monetary Loss: $6.

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New Haven, Indiana, United States #1229378

Sears leaves a lot to be desired. From their floor staff all the way to the top. It has become a store I avoid at all cost.


You sent a blind person to buy sockets for YOU?! And I agree with Notgivingit, the customer is rarely right.

to Lou Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States #790543

I did not send a blind person to buy something for me. I was helping her, due to the problems with the Sears location in question. I just made a list of what she had to compare it to what she was given.

Auburn, Massachusetts, United States #790064

while I feel bad for your friend what gets me about this complaint is a few things.

firstly, if you were writing them down why not go In yourself to make sure they got the right ones?

secondly, sorry to burst your bubble but the customer is NOT always right. that's a marketing gimmick made up to keep customers happy and in most real world scenarios is NOT true.

also, while I agree from your complaint that the person did seem like they were acting rudely unless they were huffing & puffing about getting the RIGHT socket theres nothing in your complaint to suggest they were lazy.

to notgivingit Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States #790545

I do not have time for a play by play of the incident, but the fact comes down to they did not do their job properly. Please understand that I was helping someone with a disability that tries to be independent on her own.

I only was making sure she got what she brought in, and not something else ( check my complaint against the same store).

It's easy to talk smack over the web, but try to live the life of a disabled person who is constantly getting scammed due to visual impairment. I do believe in the customer always being right, and the Craaftsman guarantee is only worth paper if it is not backed up after the sale.

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