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Bought $17000 in kitchen appliances in March 2008 from Sears at Montgomery Mall, Bethesda, MD. Everything came except the refrigerator which was scheduled later because Kitchenaid required their own installation and only after the cabinet to house the built-in fridge was built. Remodeling schedule was on track and in June 2008 we scheduled the fridge delivery for 8/15/08.

Sears delivery company tried to deliver it 7/16/08--30 days early. 7/16 I spoke with Jack at the Excel Delivery company told me the woman I had been working with was fired and they don't know why it was delivered early. The delivery company returned the refrigerator to Whirlpool because they couldn’t store it for 4 weeks and told me that I would have to order it again from Sears. 7/19 Loree, delivery company manager said that Whirlpool said they refunded the fridge already. No refund has been credited to my credit card and I spoke with the bank and they were not holding any transactions. 7/28 I went to sears and spent 1.25 hours trying to get this fixed without success. Gave it a few days more for a refund to show up on my credit card. 8/6 Loree said she can't help me anymore, the computer says I have been refunded though my credit card company has no record of refund. 8/6 I printed my credit card statement all the way back to 6/26/08 and spent 1 1/2 hours at sears with a Dennis who says he was the manager and that it was the Sears helpdesk that needed to fix the problem. He said he would call me the next day and get an email. Never heard back from him. 8/11 called Sears and left a message for Dennis to call me immediately. No response.

Today, 8/12/08 my credit card bank still has no refund processed. I have spent more than 3 hours during 2 visits to Sears (with 4 kids in tow) trying to get this fixed and another 4 hours total on the phone. I can not get anyone at Sears to process the refund so that I can order the refrigerator again. The delivery company blames Sears, Sears manager blames Whirlpool and the Sears helpdesk, and I can't get anyone to do their job and fix this order so we can get the refrigerator we paid for in March 2008. I have no refrigerator and I am out $8180.95.

No one should ever buy so much as a pair of socks from Sears! They have absolutely NO customer service, and no accountability. There is no information on line to escalate up through management either.

Monetary Loss: $8180.

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Sears has done a horrible job delivering a dishwasher that was purchased with a warranty and delivery charge all paid for up front. After almost two months of phone calls for lack of delivery when scheduled, they can not even locate the dishwasher and keep passing me to their deliver people who are usually off when I call them so no one has access to the case information--Their system does not recognize my phone number every time I call so I need to re-share my information to them--they never have adequate information on an escalated case so I repeat my story at least 6 times now and they seem very concerned and NEVER call me back-

What is most appalling is that Sears, a brand you would consider taking care of a problem, continues to pass the buck when the sale is in their name and they don't even share who they "outsource" this to-They will be reported to the appropriate agencies for this disregard of delivering on a contract-6/28/2011


U Mad Kitchenfags? :grin


:( I had my tires rotated at Sears in Monkey Mall last summer and one of the jokers stole my Cobra Radar Detector that cost me $250. They had to go into the trunk to get out a tire and BAM no more radar detector. I got 2 speeding tickets since then i wouldn't have gotten if it wasn't for the *** that they hire at Sears.


Besides small claims court and the BBB I'd see if I could get somekind of paperwork from the local delivery company.Since this is a contracted delivery you should have their info and they should have yours.On their paperwork should be an order or salescheck # which is your transaction #.If you can get paper that says the refrigerator under that order# was returned you could use that to show the credit card company.

This is a cumbersome situation but Sears should know how to handle it.It sounds like Sears had to special order direct from manufacturer which should be on the receipt some where.

You're still loosing money in the deal so a lawyer still might be away to go after you have gone through the motions of filing a complaint with the state of Maryland.