I purchased four tires on sears.com on Feb 26th. I also purchased a front end alignment and scheduled an appointment online at the same time.

The tires were buy 1 get 1 free. When we arrived at sears for our appointment on march 3rd we were notified that they do not have appointments and we would have to was it until all of the walk-ins ahead of us were done. Why would you let us schedule an appointment if you do not honor them? Once we waited and the tires were on we were told that we still owed $150.

I showed my receipt that we paid the bill in full online. The automotive employee stated that even though I had proof that I paid, when they received the order from sears online in their store it did not list anything about the free tire. I was told that if I did not want to pay the extra amount I would have to call sears online and get it straightened out myself. I asked for a phone number and was told I would have to look it up online myself.

I spent an hour online trying to get it resolved. I was transferred to six different departments who each said they were sorry and understood my frustration but could not help me. I was finally told it was a computer glitch and it would be corrected. Then I was told that a sensor on my tire was broken (it was working fine when we got there).

The automotive technician stated if they broke it he would replace it for free. He looked and stated he could not see any cracks so if we wanted it fixed we would have to pay. So it took four hours to get 4 tires put on and now I have to pay someone to fix a sensor that was working fine. I am very disappointed as we have always gone to sears for our auto needs.

We now need tho come up with $100 to fix the sensor after I just spent $530.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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