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I had a coupon for $114.99 for brake service (one axle). They required a $15 "inspection" prior to doing any work and came back with a list of things "wrong" with my car and said they can't install new brake pads until I get all those things repaired.

I told them I could only afford to fix one thing at a time but the customer service advisor wasn't even listening to what I was trying to tell him and they wouldn't do the brakes so I left without having any work done. I left very disappointed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Coupon.

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I went to Sears to get new brake pads installed but when I found out that I had to pay $15 just to have them tell me they needed to be changed and probably more and that it would have cost me over $400 to have it done, I decided to just do it myself. I youtubed a video for instructions and holy *** it was easy.

Plus, it only cost about $50 total to do it myself.

Around $40 for all of the pads at NAPA and around $10 for the brake caliber need to reset the piston. Still one of the easiest repair jobs ever.

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