I'm now a part of the boy-cott sears auto club also!My dad brought his jeep in to have new shocks put in and the mechanic must have stepped out to smoke something because he forgot to bolt up the rear passanger side shock and now 2 years later I get under my dads truck and see the shock hanging there, threads on the bolts in-tact nuts no where to be found, shock half worn through from rubbing on the exhaust.

After this incident I'm avoiding sears auto at all costs and will tell everyone I talk to to do the same!!!If you wan't it done right sears is not the place to go!!


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wait. . . what??? Your dad had the shocks replaced 2 YEARS AGO!!!!

I'm sure the vehicle has been driven plenty of miles since then.

I could understand being pissed off if you noticed the shock was improperly installed (heck one would even feel a bad ride) not too soon after the service. But seriously?!?! Blame Sears NOW for something that was done 2 YEARS AGO!!!


ok lets see stop buying at sears because some *** forgot to put a bolt in?how about not letting that man ever work on your car.

did you ever think thats some of the other guys maybe really good at fixing cars and have family's to feed.why is it that everone boycotts the company rightaway...

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