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I ordered 4 new tires

along with front end alignment, When they took my truck in the back I

requested that they check the alignment prior to mounting the tires. I

was informed that the tie rod ends were fall out bad and was given an

estimate to repair at over 350.00. I told them no, I will repair the

truck myself. I bought the tires un mounted before leaving, as I have my

own tire machine. I ordered tie rod ends and proceeded to install them.

The first problem was they did not need to be replaced, as they were

well inside the safe area. I went ahead and replaced them anyway's.

After mounting all four tires and installing new tie rod ends, I

returned to the store for the front end alignment. Now I am told that

the truck is all done and I can leave. Problem two, the truck pulled

real hard to the right, so I took it back as I was told it was under

warranty, and they would take care of the problem. Then after watching

the mechanic wander around the shop for almost forty five minutes, he

proceeded to

sit on his bench for over one half hour before he put my truck back on

the front end machine. After watching the shop for awhile I could not

believe the lack of supervision, you never would believe the give a xxxx

attitude the people in the service area have. I saw new stock being

thrown across the floor as well as being kicked across the floor, people

standing around talking and laughing instead of working. Anyway's I was

saying, I am told that the left camber is at -0.6 degrees out and this is

why it is pulling. I asked why did they send the truck out with this

discrepencyI was told that when it left it was fine. I argued with Mike

(manager) that this can't be, he also informed me that I had a ladder on

my ladder rack and this added weight was causing the truck to pull, I

laughed at him I said I weigh 200 pounds why doesn't the truck pull to

the left? He couldn't come up another story so I dropped it. Just so you

are aware, weight on either side has nothing to with tracking of the

vehicle, also so you are aware I was a service manager for a dealership

for many years as well as having my own repair shop for over twenty

years. I have forgotten more than this Mike knows.

Now I am told that the upper control arm bolts are rusted so bad that

they can't be broken loose and I will need a new upper control arm

assembly, I informed him I would take my truck home and release the

bolts and return so that he may finish my alignment. I took the truck to

my shop and was flabbergasted that the frozen bolts had never seen a

wrench as all the road dirt was still on the bolts, which proved to me

that they never tried to loosen the bolts. I cleaned the bolts off and

installed a half inch ratchet and loosened the bolts without any


I returned to the store in less than 1 hour and finally the front end

was aligned. I feel that your people are to blame for poor service and

there rip off tactics are only going to bury Sears service center. I

since talked to some business associates and was asked why would you

ever take your truck there, they all had stories of the service center

trying to rip them off.

The store is located on Transit Road in the Eastern Hills Mall town of

Williamsville NY 14221. The store manager's name is Mike

I feel that the store should reimburse me 100% for the cost of the

alignment as well as future considerations, that is you want to keep me

as a customer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

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