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Sears bad interactive customer experience lost one of their potential customer today!!!

May 7, 2010 Edit

All the management Guru's says customers are most important, customers are the ones because of which you are in business, but only few care about providing good customer experience.

key points:

* The chat representative had no idea what their inventory was, he said they don't offer the product I was looking for online and I should better go and check the stores

* Look at the conversation tone " Its very aggressive and non-pleasing".

* At the end look at the weird sentence about my life: Its so unprofessional

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I agree they can be a pain. I have shopped there before and had an unpleseant person wait on me.

But you can't say the company is bad because of one person. Every job has a bad person working there or a few. most of the time beleive it or not they are doing what they are told. Even if they dont want to.

Like any job. As for the managers saying. It is kinds going out the window lol. The reson they get like that is because of all the people that try and rip them off.

They have to stop it somewhere. People go to many lengths to get what they want even if they have to argue. Thats just how people are. You witness that in every job.

I agree but they are people just like us. people doing there job to make a living thats all. Ease up a bit. it doesnt help anyone otherwise.

Just my take thats all. :)

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