10-8-09 paid sears good money to fix dishwasher

10-10-09 sears came out to look at dishwasher, could not fix. Had to order parts.

10-17-09 had to wait a week, even though parts showed up in a few days.

Could not fix again even though the problem on what was wrong was reported 10-8-09 and a second time on 10-09-09.

10-24-09 want to come back a third time to attempt repair. Sears repair said they close at 4:30 and can not help anyone who is lucky enough to have a job that does not get home until 5:30pm

Sears must be doing very well and has too much business to have to come back three times to repair something they already knew what the problem was on day 1. It seems in this down turned economy that sears does not care much as they can afford to work when ever they want and how ever they want. Their attitude is for anyone who does not accept their crappy service to go somewhere else.

Well I am, and since I am the paying customer, my money comes with me.

Sears seems to be doing so well that they do not care about the customer base.

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do you honestly expect a service repair guy to drive a semi around full of parts? I thought not.

Now why are you so full of yourself to expect a company to wait in you hand and foot? The parts came in and you got a new appointment. Where is the problem? Or do you honestly think you are the only person on this planet with a broken dishwasher?

Why do you need a dishwasher anyway. Wash your dishes with your lazy hands!

to mulch Piscataway Township, New Jersey, United States #749478

You are a *** and probably part of the k-Mart company.

YES we do expect good service and a guy who drives around with a truck full of parts

To fix WHATEVER we need fixed considering that we bought maintenance agreements that cost plenty. YOU seem pretty full of YOURSELF as well. Since you are probably a dish washer anyway why don't you wash their dishes until they can get theirs repaired?

You won't be so cocky when you lose your job from company bankruptcy.

You need this dishwasher to wash your nasty mouth out with soap. Go back to K-mart and go Sc--w yourself. You are a worthless individual.

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