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On 10/22/12, I ordered a part over the phone for my dryer from Sears and paid for expedited shipping and should have had part in 3 days. The woman on the phone put wrong address & wrong name on the order and it was not delivered by UPS and returned to Sears Parts. There was no call back or follow up by Sears. On 10/31/12 i called Sears and they eventually acknowledged it was their error, explaining the wrong address and name part and they would have the part shipped to my by 11/8/12. I explained i had paid for expedited shipping and this was unacceptable especially since it was their error and I am traveling on orders this Saturday. I asked to speak to a supervisor who may be able to authorize getting this part to me faster.

I was the transferred to a "supervisor" named SHAYLENE who;1- did not let me explain the situation and consistently interrupted me, 2- did not try to resolve the situation and continued with she cannot get a part to me any faster, and 3- had and attitude and a tone towards me (SEARS CUSTOMER) that was not justified nor called for. I had to stop her mid interruption and asked to listen to herself and the tome she used with the customer. SHAYLENE advised there is no way the part could be sent any faster and even though it was Sears' mistake, I had to wait 8 more days for the part. When asked to speak to her supervisor, she would only give the corporate address and told me to write a letter. When asked for details from my order and the names of the persons involved with mishandling the order, she advised that is proprietary information and not allowed to give it out.

So, I assume that Sears must condone the mishandling of orders, lack of follow up by their employees, rude and disrespectful treatment by their supervisors, the run around of 2+ hours of several calls to different departments trying to resolve this and lodge a complaint and still can not get the part I need expedited to me.

I have a hard time believing Sears, a major company in the United States, when they make and error causing a long delay in getting a needed part to a customer who already paid for said part and expedited shipping, does not have the ability to get the part shipped over night to that customer with an apology instead of another week delay and rude discourteous treatment.

I buy all my appliances at my local Sears as well as other major purchases but with the treatment i received this evening, I should take my business elsewhere and not recommend Sears to anyone, including those I work with.

James jjm336@comcast.net

Monetary Loss: $50.

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