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I have never been lied to by so many customer service people from one company! Beware the on-line 'Bait and Take' strategy Sears employs when ordering on-line.

Remember...once you click 'pay'...Sears has your money, and they set the policy of 'when' they will credit it back for product they show 'available' on-line...but is actually not.

I shopped on-line for a weight bench and found it 'available' at 5 of the local stores within my area. I made the purchase and selected 'in-store' pickup to my closest location. I received an email within an hour saying the item was available for pickup. Within minutes of that email I received a call from the store saying they did not have the item available for sale at that location. Did I mention that by now I had already checked my banking account and it had posted the sale to Sears!!

Called customer service & was told nothing she could do to transfer the order to another store. I ask to speak to a supervisor...he stated 'Yes' he could transfer to another store & would call me back once he found the item (remember all 5 local stores to me showed it available on-line)

While I waitd for his call back I called the 2nd closest store to me and they had the product.

An hour later the 'supervisor called me back and said they had checked 7 of the closest stores to me and 'no one' had that same product available (although remember they all showed it available on-line). I told him I found it at the next closest store & his comment was "Odd, they told me no one had it".

I ask about my debit from bank account and he stated that the credit would be posted and that they would offset each other because the debit I seen was actually a 'pending transaction' at my bank. He clearly implied it would not 'debit' and no funds would actually post as he would ensure the credit was placed immediately.

Ahhh...count them now...we're up to about lie 4 or 5 by now!!!

I went and made the purchase. Guess what...the next morning when I checked my bank account...Sears had not only my 'in store' purchase money, but they also now had my 'on-line' purchase money in the same amount!!!

Called customer service...was matter of factly told by a somewhat rude lady that it would take 3 to 5 days for the credit to post. I contacted the 'on-line customer service' and received an email response that it would take 5 to 7 days to post.

Then I received a 'customer satisfaction survey' by email...which I told the story over again...and what response did I get?? THAT IT WOULD TAKE 7 to 10 DAYS TO POST!!!!!

Ahhhh...what 'lie count' are we up to by guess is about '10'!!!!!

I also noted that after I complained...the original store took down the 'available' for 'on-line purchase and pickup. Funny thing though...and what convinces me this is truly a strategy employed and taught by Sears of 'Bate and Take Your Cash' that within 2 days (over the weekend) that same store again listed that same product available for 'in store pickup'.


Oh...did I mention that besides a few rude attitudes and plenty of lies...Sears offered nothing for the trouble I went through and the loss of MY MONEY (NOT THEIRS as they so imply with their attitudes and the 'we will credit it back when we *** well feel like it' responses).

Monetary Loss: $159.

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I'd report them to the local Better Business Bureau or even a Federal Agency like the Federal Trade Commission since Sears is a national company operating across state lines.

I'd also call the bank your account is on and for informational purposes ask how long a credit should take and see if there is such a thing as a pending transaction.

As far as availability many times at Sears it shows as available because the computer can't differeniate between a display model or new in a box.

Good Luck , Keep after them.