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I tried to call my local sears store in panama city, fl and their phone system forwards all the calls to a call center in another state. You can't even talk to the local store anymore.

I needed to replace my under counter ice maker after 5 years. The call center told me that the local store had in stock the unit I needed. They quoted me a price of $874 for the 14 7/8th inch under counter stainless front Kenmore Elite ice maker. I paid on the phone to the call center $945 with tax and drove 25 miles across town to pick up my ice maker. When I got to the store to pick it up the 1st person brought me a water hose as my order then the next person showed me an upwright freezer as my purchase based on my order #235304427. I was furious and no one could help me. I was lied to by the call center. The store person said they haven't had this item in stock for over 3 years. Had I have been able to talk to the local store none of this would have happened and you would still have a loyal customer.

I have been buying my appliances from Sears for over 40 years and recomending Sears to all my home buyers as a real estate broker and as a builder I used Kenmore in all my homes.

They scammed me on the in stock item. I even asked the person that took the order if the under counter ice maker was 14 7/8ths inchs wide which he confirmed prior to charging my credit card. Of course the upright freezer he put on my invoice was 36 inches wide.

I do not understand what has happened to the Sears I grew up with and my mother retired from after 35 years service but this is the most messed up system you have that I have ever seen. A customer can not even talk to a local sales person in a Sears Store as all calls are routed to some other state. That about being out of touch with your customers and your local market. Ever who came up with the bright idea to take the local store out of the communication loop should be fired.

Butch Metcalf, Broker / Owner, CitiStar Realty

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I am with you with Sears not being what they once were. I bought tires online and went to have them installed the next day only to find those particular ones were not available in the store even tho the online showed that store had them.

Of course they were happy to offer me other models that were quite a bit more expensive.

A set of tires that should have been 400$ plus install and disposal ended up costing over 750$ I have personaly stopped shopping at sears and advise my friends to do the same. I had a bad experiene with purchasing a riding lawn mower with them 2 years ago and gave them a second chance with the tires, but this was the last straw.