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I ordered a Cuisinart Griddle from SEARS online. Paypal the funds.

I received a Bella pretzel maker.

How do these 2 items sound a like?? Anyway they had 800 number called to see if there would be any

problem taking it too Sears for exchange for what I ordered or refund. They informed me they could not help me. Now I have to deal with trying to ship this back and getting my funds returned before Christmas.

Save your time and money and DON'T SHOP AT SEARS ONLINE. I have spent serveral hundreds of dollars with this company- but this is the end for me my family and any friends.

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Either vendor or Sears has an internal theft problem or a warehouse employee that is desperate to get credit for a completed order. Or there as just as many bozos in the shipping department as there is in corporate headquarters.

I would report your trouble with Sears Online to the Better Business Bureau. Good Luck


You are certainly not the first to find out the hard way that Sears is not the Sears, Roebuck & Co. we all grew up with. Best to stay away from anything connected with Sears.

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